The Louise box.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill 2 puzzle.

In the room S14, 3rd floor of Brookhaven Hospital, a small, strong lock-box can be found tied down to the bed with twine, bound in chains, and secured with four different types of locks. Next to it, written seemingly in blood on the wall, is a note from a patient at the hospital:

I'll take care of you four ever.
It's my destiny!"

Solving the puzzle will allow the player to retrieve a strand of hair from the box.



Carbon paper.

Two keys and two 4-digit combinations are needed to unlock the box. First, combine the "Purple Bull" key and the "Lapis Eye" key and use them. One can be used after the other, but combining the keys is faster.

On the push-button lock, enter the four-digit code found on the carbon paper in the typewriter in Examining Room 3. This code, and all other codes and memos, are in the memo section of the menu.


Wall memo (in this case, the code is 1622).

On the turn combination lock, enter the code that was on the bloody wall message in the special treatment room, and the box will open. If you are having difficulty reading the code, this video shows what each digit looks like (if the video is too fast, there is an option to slow the video and you can pause any time).


  • Although the "four" isn't grammatically accurate in the note, it could have resemblance to the number of locks found on the box, or have other unknown connections altogether.
  • The official strategy guide by BradyGames claims that the number code is meant to be more indecipherable on harder riddle difficulties. Whether or not this is true is unknown as the official guides sometimes have errors.
  • The theme of obsessive patients is also re-used in Silent Hill 3, when Stanley Coleman watches over Heather Mason during her trip to Brookhaven. Although this wouldn't necessarily be uncommon among mental patients, the connections leave a layer of speculation as to whether this patient is Stanley Coleman, or that manifestations of obsessive behaviors are prevalent among those admitted to Brookhaven.
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