Your lies, they're everywhere. They are all I can hear. They fill my head... I want them to go away! They must go away!
—Lucas to Karen

Lucas is a playable character and a boss of Silent Hill: Orphan 2. Throughout the game, it is implied that Lucas suffers from a degenerative disease such as Epidermolysis bullosa.

Silent Hill: Orphan 2

Lucas wakes up in Brookhaven Hospital with no memory. He has injuries all over his body and is in unbearable pain. He begins to hear Karen's voice, which guides him through the hospital, saying that "a man is coming" and that "they should punish him, just so the pain would disappear." While making progress through the hospital and solving many puzzles, Karen continues speaking to him and explains everything: Lucas was an orphan killed in the massacre at Sheppard's Orphanage, and was later revived by her, though very weak. Karen tried to revive all of the dead orphans, but she could only revive Lucas, whom she raised as her own child. After the explanation, Karen asks Lucas to go to her office in the hospital so they can talk. Lucas' memory has returned, and he reacts negatively to the new information he's received. He is upset that she never told him he had been dead, and that he isn't the only special orphan to Karen, feeling betrayed that she has been trying to revive all of the others as well. When he reaches her office, the two bicker and Lucas calls Karen a liar, and then beats her to death with a steel pipe. He feels no remorse for his action, and speaks to her dead body, calling her a witch.

Later, a man named Vincent travels to the hospital after receiving an anonymous letter from someone saying they "know the truth", which tells him to go to the hospital in Silent Hill. Upon arriving at the hospital he hears a voice that guides him, just as Karen did for Lucas. After finding Karen dead and solving several puzzles, Vincent once again hears the strange voice telling him to go underneath the hospital to "find what you're looking for." Once there, a face emerges from the wall and says it is Lucas and engages in a boss battle. After the fight, Vincent apparently kills him, because Lucas disappears, leaving behind a key that Vincent uses to open a door in the basement. Behind this door, Vincent comes to a torture room, where Karen and Lucas would have exacted Karen's revenge had things gone as planned.

Silent Hill: Mobile 3

In Silent Hill: Mobile 3, it is revealed that Alessa was using Lucas as a means of getting rid of Karen, who was trying to revive the orphans and ruin Alessa's plans. It's ambiguous as to how Alessa used Lucas, but it's likely that his amnesia was the result of her, because his lack of memories caused Karen to tell the truth which led to a sense of betrayal in Lucas and eventually Karen's death.


  • It is never told how Lucas becomes the face that emerges from the wall or how much time passed between his and Vincent's scenarios.
  • In an alternative version of the game created especially for phones with a smaller screen, Lucas' scenario is not present, instead starting with Vincent in Karen's office.
  • In two memos during Vincent's act in Orphan 2, there's information given about a child who was born and then died five years later. These files probably refer to Lucas.
  • Although Lucas doesn't appear in Silent Hill: Mobile 3, there exists an intriguing fact possibly related to him: In a bedroom (image in the gallery) of the mansion where the game takes place, there are two paintings on the wall that show a exotic island and a landscape in the normal world, but in the Otherworld, ghostly heads coming out of the pictures similar to how Lucas emerged in Silent Hill: Mobile 2. But contrary to Lucas, they do not attack the player and are transparent in a pinkish hue as if they were ghosts. It's possible that they in truth are Lucas in a ghost form, but this was never confirmed.