I didn't mean-- I didn't want to come back here.
—Lynn tries to appeal to Christabella's sense of pity.

Lynn DeAngelis was a film student at an unknown university. She traveled to the abandoned town of Silent Hill to shoot stock footage she could later sell. While there, she was assaulted by the malevolent remnant of Christabella LaRoache, a girl who had been gruesomely murdered in the town a few years before Lynn's visit.


Before her return from Silent Hill, Lynn was thought of by family and friends as outgoing, friendly, and vivacious. Little else is known about her prior to her hospitalization.

Dying Inside

As Lynn began to shoot footage of Silent Hill, the town began to shift around her, becoming engulfed in a red glow and infested with monsters. Fighting off at least one monster, Lynn is chased through the streets of Silent Hill by Christabella and her horde of creatures, filming as she does so. Christabella allows Lynn to leave the town, under the condition that the footage shot be made widely available.


Suffering from recurring nightmares, Lynn leans against a wall in her cell.

Though Lynn leaves Silent Hill, the memories of the monster, as well as the presence of Christabella within her mind, prevented her from moving on with her life. Because of this, Lynn attempted to kill herself. However, her suicide attempt was unsuccessful and she was admitted to an unknown hospital for psychiatric care.

Having been hospitalized for a year-and-a-half, Lynn suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Claiming to see monsters and a "little girl in white", those in charge of her care have attempted numerous therapies, with no progress. With no other alternative, the doctor personally responsible for Lynn's care calls in a former colleague whose reputation for success is well known.


Dr. Abernathy over-medicates Lynn with the hopes it will relieve her condition.

Troy Abernathy, formerly a psychiatrist now turned self-help author, is called upon by Lynn's doctor to attempt to cure the girl of her condition. Having halted his practice since his wife's suicide, Troy is willing to do this as a favor to his friend. Having gone over her file, Troy tries all available treatments for Lynn, including excessive medication. All attempts fail, and as a last resort, the doctor procures temporary custody of Lynn and returns with her to Silent Hill in the hopes that going back to the scene of her trauma will pull the girl out of her stupor.

Lynn is over-medicated and hardly able to stand on her own as she and Troy pull into Silent Hill. The two aren't in town long before the first images of a hellish being begins to manifest itself; Julianna Abernathy, Troy's late wife, appears before the two on a hospital gurney with a scalpel lodged in her neck. Troy panics and runs off, ordering Lynn to stay where she stands. When he returns, shaken, he begins to shake Lynn violently and asks if she saw what he had. Still drugged, Lynn can only weakly reply "nurse". As Troy begins to panic once again, Lynn is able to shake off both the medicine fog and the delusional state of mind that had held her for over a year.

Staring at a brick wall with the message "GOD IS GOOD. YOU ARE EVIL" scrawled across it, Lynn questions the doctor, asking why he had brought her here. Before Troy can explain, monsters begin to manifest all around the pair. Searching frantically for shelter, Lynn belittles Troy for forcing her to return to Silent Hill. Diving into a diner, Lynn is brought face-to-face once more with Christabella. Angered that Lynn had failed to bring a worthwhile sinner, Christabella informs the girl that she must be punished.


Christabella mocks a bleeding Lynn.

Having fully recovered from her previous conditions, Lynn simply decides to walk out of Silent Hill. Christabella is struck with disbelief, but understands why Lynn is so brave, after all, the girl had let Lynn leave once and believes she has no real intent to kill her. In a show of power, Christabella summons numerous creatures resembling Venus Flytraps on tendrils. The creatures proceed to attack Lynn and Christabella belittles her while they do, demanding to know what became of the footage Lynn had shot.

Lynn responds that it must have been stolen when she was admitted for treatment, but this isn't enough to satisfy Christabella, who orders her creatures to kill the girl. Before they can, a man appears brandishing a shotgun and proceeds to dispatch the creatures. Troy seems to recognize him, and fails to catch a pistol the man throws his way. Lynn catches it and opens fire on the creatures as well. The duo, dragging a stunned Troy behind them, make their way out of the diner and into the streets of Silent Hill.


Lynn and Troy notice something a bit off.

Getting a safe enough distance from Christabella, the man, named Brett, confirms they aren't being followed. As he's doing so, Lynn and Troy notice he's missing the back of his skull. He attempts to introduce himself, but Troy begins to panic and punches him in the face, knocking him down. Grabbing the shotgun and any ammo Brett has, Troy and Lynn begin running, hoping to escape. As they run, the doctor explains to a very confused Lynn that Brett was his wife's abusive ex-husband, and he was supposed to be dead.

Dispatching of any creatures that catch up to them, the pair try to take cover in a clothing store, where Lynn demands that Troy tell her why she was brought here. The doctor explains that it was in an attempt to help her, when his late wife Julianna appears again. She attacks the doctor and tries to kill him, but Lynn intervenes and hits her with the butt of the shotgun. This buys them enough time to run.

The situation begins to dawn on Lynn as they run; Troy had killed Brett over his abusive attitude and Julianna had killed herself when she found out. Not wanting to be in the company of such a person, Lynn tells Troy as much and protests any further travel with him. He loses his patience, however, and slaps her. Cradling her face, Lynn tries to get under Troy's skin, saying he was no different from Brett and that's why Julianna had killed herself. Refusing to listen, Troy turns and is face to face with a winged monstrosity. The pair kill the beast and run once again, finding a bridge leading out of Silent Hill. The bridge is incomplete, however, and Christabella, with Brett in tow, blocks their path. Brett, Christabella explains, was meant to be her thrall, but it hadn't quite manifested right. That was no longer a problem.


Lynn walks the winding road.

Brett undergoes a transformation of his own and begins to attack Lynn and Troy, whose weapons have become inoperable. He grabs Lynn and begins to constrict, with Troy's feeble attempts to bludgeon the man doing no harm. Determined to rescue Lynn, Troy offers himself to Christabella. The little girl waves it off at first, claiming she already has him, but the doctor is offering his mind, body and soul. She accepts the trade and reconstructs the bridge out of Silent Hill. She tells Lynn to leave, since a deal's a deal.

As she exits Silent Hill, a car pulls up behind Lynn. The occupants offer Lynn a ride and she accepts with no hesitation.

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