Help... me... Run!
— The girl to Heather

The Mannequin Girl is a minor character in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Mannequin Girl

The Mannequin Girl transforming.

The girl is one of the Mannequin Monster's victims, and her first and only appearance is in its lair. Heather Mason finds her lying completely naked on a table, unable to move. She begs for Heather to help her, but Heather is too stunned to do anything. The girl's body begins to transform, and she instead tells Heather to run. A few seconds later, she is turned into a mannequin.

As Heather and Suki attempt to escape, the Mannequin Monster breaks the head off of her and adds it to its collection of heads.


  • The brief nudity with the scene of the Mannequin Girl is the reason Silent Hill: Revelation was given an "R" rating.
  • In the original script, the Mannequin Girl was originally supposed to be the girl who asked Heather, "Do you get all of your clothes from Goodwill?" near the beginning of the film. However, this was changed for an unknown reason, essentially losing the irony of the scene. Instead, the Mannequin Girl is a completely random unknown girl.
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