The Mannequin Monster is, as the name implies, a monster. It makes its appearance in the film Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Heather Mason encounters the Mannequin Monster when she accidentally stumbles into its lair while running from the Otherworld in Silent Hill. She finds a girl who is becoming a mannequin, but is unable to help her before the transformation is complete. Heather then frees Suki, a young woman who is trapped in one of the Mannequin Monster's spiderwebs.

The monster appears and caresses the breasts of the new mannequin woman before ripping off its head and using it as one of its own. It then chases Heather and Suki, who disappear into a vent, but before Suki can get far into the vent, the monster grabs and presumably kills her.

Silent Hill Revelation - FULL End Credits CGI Sequence by Kook Ewo Chez Eddy

Silent Hill Revelation - FULL End Credits CGI Sequence by Kook Ewo Chez Eddy

The monster in the credits of Revelation.

In the black-and-white credit sequence, the Mannequin Monster is seen assaulting a group of Dark Nurses.


The mannequin monster closely resembles a spider, crawling on multiple legs and spinning seemingly plastic webs. The monster is actually a compound being of multiple mannequin legs, arms, torsos and heads conjoined by red, sinewy flesh.

The "central" head of the mannequin is a pair of mismatched mannequin faces grasped by two arms that hold each side as if to cover them. It has two living and moving eyes that seem to serve as its main eyes. The mask splits down the center to reveal a gruesome, leech-like mouth which in turn hides another extending mouth. This trait is closely related to the Split Worm, which also has a vertically opening head. Underneath this main head are a pair of two, small arms that act very similar to a spider's mandibles.

Other heads appear on the main fleshy mass of its torso as well as being carried in several of its arms. Each of these heads appear warped and distorted to be in an expression of pain. The masks become sentient when grasped by the monster, and subsequently fall under its control when it inserts a tendril from one of its fingers into their forehead. Whether this serves any practical purpose to the monster is unknown.



The inside face of the monster, revealing an ugly, hostile core.


The inside face of the monster, revealing an ugly, hostile core.

The Mannequin Monster is likely a reference to the many identities of Alessa Gillespie, one of which is Heather Mason. It may also refer to Heather's constant changing of names, like Mary and Cathy, as she moves from town to town to avoid a fanatical religious cult. Thus, the Mannequin Monster may be the result of Heather's built up frustration due to always changing identities. This is again referenced when the Mannequin Monster's head opens vertically in a similar fashion to the Split Worm and Double Head from the game. This could relate to how identity can be split in half, or may even symbolize a dual nature, as is the case with Heather and Dark Alessa. It may even symbolize hatred and spite, as the Mannequin Monster's expressionless face reveals itself to contain something more hostile and ugly within, which would tie into the function of the Seal of Metatron in the film, revealing "the true nature of things", or Heather's "true nature" as Alessa.

Mannequins can be seen as a symbolism for likeness, as they mimic the form of the human body, posing as if they are real people showing off their clothing and fashion with pride. Female mannequins are often tall, graceful, flawless, and could symbolize how teenage girls often find themselves trying to strive for these ideals. Like the game, the mannequins in the storeroom are completely naked. This may relate to the student who mocked Heather's outfit at her school, acting cold to her as if she only cares about the exteriors of people (in this case, clothing). Even though mannequins mimic real humans, they are cold, hard, lifeless, plastic shells and are nothing more than mere objects to be put on display. This theory is shown to be true in the original version of Revelation's script, which shows that the girl lying on the table is the same teenage girl who mocked Heather about her clothes earlier that day. However, this version of the story only occurs in the script, and the girl seen in the final film is a different character, as well as having Suki added to the scene.

The Mannequin Girl is seen transforming into a mannequin, her flesh and organs becoming plastic, and the monster decapitates it to adds to its collection of heads. This could symbolize Heather's fear of becoming a "mannequin" of sorts. With every mannequin head decapitated, the Mannequin Monster seems to increases in size and power. If this is the case, the disturbing idea of the mannequin being composed entirely of real people who were transformed into mannequins arises.

The Mannequin Monster also seems to have a tendency to target and attack women almost exclusively, as every single mannequin in its lair is female. This could serve to represent Heather's feelings of vulnerability in finding herself alone in Silent Hill, without her father to protect her. The Mannequin Monster can be seen attacking Dark Nurses in the ending credits of the film. This further accentuates its preference for female victims.


Decap Mannequin1

The mannequin scene in Silent Hill 3.

  • It is the only completely CGI monster in the film, as it would be impossible to create with practical effects.
  • Scarlet also shares the same appearance of having porcelain doll parts joined by flesh.
  • The Mannequin Monster likely draws inspiration from Silent Hill 3, in which Heather Mason enters a storeroom of mannequins and comments that she feels as if they are watching her, until one of them screams and has its head decapitated.
  • In the original script, the Mannequin Monster was originally supposed to kill the girl who asked Heather, "Do you get all of your clothes from Goodwill?" near the beginning of the film. However, this was changed for an unknown reason, essentially losing the irony of the scene. Instead, the Mannequin Girl is a completely random unknown girl. The most probable explanation for the change of girls is likely because this scene was originally supposed to be set in the mall in Heather's town, instead of in Silent Hill, and having the "Goodwill girl" randomly appear in Silent Hill would not make much sense.
  • The Manniquen Monster is somewhat similar to the Enigmas from Devil May Cry 3. They share a variety of similarities, for example both creatures are made from inanimate objects, they are reminiscent of spiders and given life from dark magic infused by an unknown caster. They are non-verbal, they attack for a personal purpose and they are encountered in a storeroom with other things that are like them and in a dark, sinister world or place (being Silent Hill and Temen-Ni-Gru respectively).


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