Hey, asshole, remember me? You missed your last fucking deadline!
—Mario preparing to kill Douglas

Mario is a minor character in Hunger. He is employed at the Silent Hill Gazette and is Doug Brenneman's editor.


Mario is the acting editor-in-chief of the Silent Hill Gazette shortly before fire consumes the town of Silent Hill, which is subsequently abandoned. He has a penchant for bellowing at his employees, particularly if he feels they are allowing their feelings to stand in the way of producing a story or if they're merely lazy. Mario often journeys into the field with his reporters. After Douglas Brenneman is released by his previous employer, he is hired at the Gazette and works under Mario rather often.



Mario, having tried to kill Doug, is killed instead.

Mario is with Douglas on the morning of June 11th, covering a flower show in town when an ambulance races past the civic center where the convention is being held. He informs Doug that their news focus has shifted and the pair follow the ambulance to an abandoned house in Silent Hill, called the old Fessbinder Place by local residents. Once there, Mario and Doug learn that the structure was the scene of a double homicide. The editor and his reporter return to the Gazette offices, where Mario is intent on running the story, but Doug appears to just be sitting on the information he has. This aggravates Mario to no end, but Doug is uninterested in Mario's frustration. Seeing the futility in yelling at Brenneman, Mario takes his anger out on an innocent newsroom aide.

Mario isn't physically seen again until later, though he appears in a daydream experienced by Doug as he goes through his day. When Mario is reintroduced, Silent Hill has descended into madness, with fire consuming the town and monsters roaming the street. He comes across Doug as the reporter stares at three demons flying through the skies over town. Brandishing an axe, Mario is ready to kill Doug when the demons swoop on him, cut him in half, and feed on his body. Doug offers condolence, saying Mario had been a good man, before the reporter continues his exploration of Silent Hill.

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