Just remember, your dad's DEAD and NOTHING you do will ever FIX that.
—Mark to Anne

Mark Cunningham was the husband of Anne Marie Cunningham from the comic Anne's Story. He is a correctional officer at Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary.

Mark wakes Anne to inform her that there was a riot at Ryall State Prison and that her father, Frank Coleridge, was beaten by one of the inmates in the showers. He explains to her that they had to life flight him to the hospital and they are unsure if he will survive.

Afterwards, he complains to Anne about her being unable to care for her father (who wound up in a vegetative state) and insists that he should be placed in a nursing home.

He left Anne after he found out she cheated on him with Leonard B. Trent, and she apparently never told Mark the motive.


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