Two of the Grinning Man's branded victims.

The Mark of the Serpent is a magical symbol employed by The Grinning Man in the comic of the same name.


This red, glowing mark appears as a circular shape that curls into a spiral. Seeming to differ from person to person, it may curl on itself or be surrounded by smaller red marks.


The mark is branded onto a person's forehead. When used in tandem with a magic circle, it prevents the victim from stepping outside of the surrounding circle to allow the caster to draw off of the vitality of the branded victim. In addition, the caster is allowed the ability to control and limit the branded victim's actions, such as limiting speech or action.

The brand's effectiveness can be reduced by destroying the magic circle used in conjunction with a given brand (or, in some cases, multiple brands). The brand itself can only be removed by killing the caster or victim.

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