Please calm down. As her doctor, I promise I'll do what I can. But... there's still no effective treatment for her condition.
—The doctor to James Sunderland

The unnamed doctor is Mary Shepherd Sunderland's doctor in Silent Hill 2. While he does not appear in-game, his recorded voice can be heard by listening to a cassette tape.

Silent Hill 2 -68- Headphones, Reading Room

Silent Hill 2 -68- Headphones, Reading Room

James remembering the doctor.

In the Otherworld of the Lakeview Hotel when James Sunderland sees the hotel like it truly is, he may find headphones connected to a device that looks like a radio as well as a tape recorder in the Reading Room on the second floor. Using it reveals a recorded conversation that can be heard between James and a doctor who was treating Mary during her illness.

The mystery doctor tells James that Mary will sooner or later die, stating a time period of six months to three years for her to live. The doctor tried to calm down James, who reacted with shock and disbelief upon receiving this message; the doctor insisted that he would do what he could, albeit there being no effective treatment for Mary's unspecified condition.

Because of connections between Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 4: The Room, and Rachel, there is a possibility he worked at St. Jerome's Hospital.

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