Matthew Collins is the female protagonist's high school crush from Silent Hill: Book of Memories; however he ended up dating a fellow student named Ashley Baker. His sister is Katie Collins. He is the Wood Guardian (Katie is the Wood Guardian is the protagonist is male).

During the events of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the protagonist was able to change history so that Matthew dumps/gets dumped by Ashley and formed a relationship with the protagonist afterwards.


Matthew is generally a caring person, doing his part in maintaining a relationship. He's usually clear about what he wants, but isn't afraid to swallow his pride when necessary.


Matthew is the one whom ends up being the protagonist's crush if the main character is female. A chance meeting with him one day rekindled the old flame.

Though he and Ashley were dating at the time, their relationship was on the rocks. In one of the Otherworld Broadcasts, he was talking with his friend about it, and the friend suggests that he should hook up with the protagonist.

Depending on the kind of notes collected, Matthew's time together with Ashley will play out differently:

  • For the Light notes, the two will try hard to salvage their floundering relationship, but their efforts will come to naught. Ashley will break up with Matthew in an apologetic fashion.
  • For the Blood notes, the two will go on a downward spiral trend of miscommunication, arguments and broken dates. Matthew will break up with Ashley due to irreconcilable differences.

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