What is it, tough guy? Not sleep well?
—May shows concern for her husband

May Tower is a minor character in The Grinning Man. She is the wife of Robert Tower.

The Grinning Man

May is introduced along with her husband when they wake up in bed together. She senses that something is worrying him, most likely related to his upcoming retirement, and tries to cheer him up by suggesting making his favorite breakfast: ham, eggs, french toast, and orange juice, and stating that she has cleaned his clothing. Robert gratefully replies with the words "What would I do without you, May?" The next panel shows May with a rather blank expression on her face, and she goes off to make them both breakfast.

During Robert's retirement party, the two talk on the phone about his plans to start his own business, and it is implied that she asks him if he loves her. He replies that she already knows, and thus she doesn't have to hear the words from him. This could hint at a somewhat strained relationship, though she is never seen again after this.

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