An example of finding and examining a memento.

Mementos are abandoned objects that Harry Mason can acquire in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. They serve no in-game function, but instead are collectibles that can be closely examined according to the console's controls.

There are 25 mementos in total that can be located throughout Silent Hill, and most of them are either hidden within drawers or cabinets or must be uncovered by solving a puzzle.

Upon completion of the game, Cheryl Mason is seen looking inside an old box filled with the mementos collected by her father before closing the box and walking away.

List of mementos

Diner 52/Good Ol' Days

A detailed snow globe with a lighthouse and a woman inside. On the bottom is a price tag sticker and a Bible quote from Psalm 104:2 ("Covering Himself with light as with a cloak. Stretching out the heavens as a curtain."). The lighthouse and the girl could possibly symbolize Cheryl and her therapy inside of the Lighthouse Clinic.

Cybil Bennett's car

A box of Hemingway cigarettes. In Silent Hill: Origins, a billboard can be found while on the mountain road to Silent Hill that advertises Hemingway cigarettes. The cigarettes may allude to Cheryl's smoking.

Caldecotte Woods

  • "Frozen Waters" - Found inside a case at a water tower, north of the pumping station.
A transparent blue marble, probably a nod to the Otherworld.
A knife. "All stories end in Death" is carved onto the wooden handle. It is known that Cheryl stabbed a security officer in Toluca Mall.
A broken, pink safety flashlight. The fact that it is broken may represent how Cheryl began to feel unsafe after her father's death.

Bryant Overlook

  • "Pinned Beauty" - Found inside the trunk of the red car at Bryant Overlook.
A blue butterfly pinned to a small piece of paper that states the species of it (Xerces Blue). Cheryl used to collect butterflies as a young girl.

Wonderland Burger

A naked, plastic doll with blonde pigtails. An audio-message suggests that Cheryl perhaps once had such pigtails. It might also represent how her boyfriend at the time viewed her, or how she wished to be viewed, due to her insecurity.

Cat House/Honey Trap/Oriental Lotus

A fossilized ant in amber.

Midwich High School

A medallion with Saint Christopher on it, the patron saint of traveling. On the back is written "St. Christopher protect us". Cheryl appears to be wearing the same medallion in her high school portrait.
  • "A Frigid Jewel" - Found inside a frog waiting to be dissected in the biology lab.
A ring with a blue jewel that was swallowed by a frog. On the inside of the ring is written "Ice Gem". The name may refer to Cheryl's "frigid" behavior around her ex-boyfriend Steve.
  • "An Eternal Rose" - Found inside a locker soon after the exiting the planetarium or art studio.
A glass ball with a rose inside. "Eternal Love" is carved unto it in golden letters. Possibly a gift from Steve to Cheryl.

Nightingale Apartments

A skull-and-crossbones ring with "Ophelia" written on the inside, named after a female character in the play Hamlet.

Golden Leaf Warehouse

  • "Synthetic Femur" - Found inside a photocopier in the Golden Leaf Warehouse office (between Lisa's apartment and Toluca Mall's entrance).
A yellow, rubber chew bone dog toy which most likely relates to Cheryl's grief when her pet dog had died.

Toluca Mall

A roll of undeveloped film. It possibly represents how Cheryl never really got to know her dad.
A green, pterodactyl terry plush. A tag written on the back states "Lost World Terry". The Lost World was Alessa Gillespie's favorite book and may also be Cheryl's in the Shattered Memories universe.
A Frankenstein figure. Dr. Kaufmann mentions that Cheryl has created a "Frankenstein's monster" of Harry in her head.

Green Lion Pawn Shop

A ring with two snake heads. Inside of the ring is written "Love is a hungry drug".

John's car

A very old pen. "Everything one invents is true" is written on the side, which may relate to Cheryl inventing her fantasy Harry in her mind and having it become a manifestation.

Underground Sewers

A weaved bracelet with "Sweetie" on the side. It is known that Harry called Cheryl "sweetie", thus it may have been a gift from him to her.

Resort Area

A pink camera from Lakeside Amusement Park.
A miniature lighthouse keychain.
  • "Your Diamond Heart" - Found inside coin-operated binoculars in the area just before entering Annie's Bar. They must be moved in the direction of the lighthouse first.
A beautiful wedding ring with diamonds. Inside of the ring is written "Journeys end in lovers meeting", a quote from Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night.
  • "The Dragon" - Found inside a box on a bench near Lakeside Amusement Park's entrance.
A red dragon plush from the Myths & Legends attraction at the Lakeside Amusement Park.

Lakeside Amusement Park

  • "Eve" - Found inside a slot machine (on the third try)
Half of a locket with a photo of Harry's wife (Dahlia Mason) inside and "True Happiness" written on it.

Lighthouse Clinic

  • "Adam" - Found inside a model of a head in the clinic's reception.
The other half of a locket with a photo of Harry inside and "Never Forget" written on it.


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