Heather reading the memo

The Memo about the Corpse is a medical report regarding information about the corpse that Heather Mason encounters just before reading the memo. It is located on the desk near the corpse in the 3rd examination room on the second floor of the Brookhaven Hospital. When another memo is considered, Leonard Wolf can be found as the likely culprit of the murder.


"Background: unknown.
Name/age: unknown.
Not admitted patient. Found in poor
mental state on hospital grounds
and temporarily installed in room
M4 at chief's discretion.
Died late tonight from blood loss
due to severed carotid artery.
Was grasping own kitchen knife
in right hand; assume this was
cause of neck wound.
Possible suicide, but wound
angle suspicious. Sent to 2nd
floor treatment room for
further investigation.
Have received no proof or
corroboration of event from
patient residing in same room.
Have not notified police.
However, for future necessity,
leave victim's bed and effects
intact (room M4)."
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