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  • We do not allow such blogs here regarding that topic, nor does your blog fit the blog policy. It's advertisement, if anything.

    Besides, they're literally one of the worst sources of Silent Hill misinformation out there.

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    • "my goal was to make some exposure to the corporate and artistic decisions that are tempering with the series for years now"

      If you go to the HD Collection article, stuff such as the glitches and technical problems are already listed. What more can we add? Just edit the article yourself if you want other people to know so badly... sheesh.

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    • As both Alex and I have said, this matter has been discussed repeatedly, and the glitches are listed in the article itself. There's really no need to restart the same conversation again, and no, TP related content is not allowed because it causes fights. Every time they get brought up, trolls make new accounts and rush in to flame anyone who doesn't like them. We don't want that, as I'm sure you understand.

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