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Michelle's Diary is a set of memos that the player can pick up in Silent Hill: Book of Memories. They are found at random in all areas after installing the expansion pack.

The first 5 notes are introductory notes and will stay neutral, while the rest can become Blood or Light (the last one can also become Neutral) depending on the player's actions in all areas, and are key components to earning the "Optimist" and "Pessimist" Trophies.


Note #106

Michelle's Diary: 8/17

First journal entry. (God, that sounds ridiculous) I found this thing in a book of old stuff from grade school. My friend gave it to me because I was nice to her... I was new in town and the two loners seemed like a natural fit. I was her only friend, except for a girl at her church, I guess.

So, where to earliest memory is freaking out on my baby brother. Messed up, right? I just didn't know how to deal with someone else in the house. He started crying and just wouldn't stop, so I started beating on his crib. Mom rushed in and shoved me to the floor. She said I was a "horrible little bitch." ...Funny what sticks in your head, isn't it?

Note #107

Michelle's Diary: 8/19

Speaking of bad memories, my friend at school used to talk a lot about the girl from her church. Not really good stuff, either. It didn't sound like she had a very happy life - her parents were super religious. I think maybe her dad was somebody important. He expected his little girl to be perfect in every way, and if she didn't do EXACTLY what he told her, there would be consequences... Really bad ones she couldn't run away from. She had no escape at all. I mean my dad was no saint but I couldn't imagine living through that. I wonder what happened to that girl. I hope she's okay.

Note #108

Michelle's Diary: 8/21

Back when things were okay, we used to go to the park all the time. Just Mom, Dad, and me. This was before we had to worry about how screwed up everything was getting. I remember running and leaping into my dad's arms. Come to think of it, Mom did create some drama this one time. Ugh, just couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you? They got into a huge fight and drove off without realizing they'd left me behind. Yeah, that was kind of the turning point. That's when my life started breaking. Everything around me, shattering to pieces.

Note #109

Michelle's Journal: 8/26

The last time I saw Dad, he took me and my brother to the museum. He'd already moved out of the house, but I didn't realize he'd be moving out of our lives as well. I remember staring at the statues in the museum looming over me. I have no idea why, but it felt overwhelming. Like they were going to come to life and hurt me or something.

On the way out, we stopped by the gift shop and Dad bought me a green unicorn. And that's all I have left of my dad - a stupid toy. He always did crap like that. I didn't want this, Dad! I didn't want your money - I wanted you in my life. Couldn't you have given us that much?

Note #110

Michelle's Thoughts (?): 9/13

Saw kind of an odd thing today. I was in the park and noticed an old homeless woman. She was trying to cover herself with a ripped-up cardboard box, like a shelter I guess. She looked like a stray dog, wrestling with a piece of trash. It was pretty sad.

I tossed some change her way. I mean I don't just give out money all the time, but if I have a little extra it's nice to pay it forward, or whatever. I tried to talk to her, too... to be nice. But she didn't seem to hear me at all. Probably didn't even notice the money. Just kept on fussing with the box.

Note #111(Blood)

Michelle's Diary: 9/18

Felt like crap today, so I made a date with the couch and watched TV all day. Needless to say, it did not improve my mood. Every channel was just mindless consumerism or death and tragedy. Do reporters get off on finding people whose lives have been destroyed and then shoving a camera in their faces? What's our fascination with other people's misery? I mean, I get it - I'm no different. Just kind of sad how we're wired.

Note #111(Light)

Michelle's Diary: 9/18

I was bored today so I started flipping through the channels. So many shows but nothing on, you know? Then all of a sudden, on some obscure cable channel, Bayou Billy came on. I haven't even thought about that show in years! I remember waking dad up every Saturday to watch it with me. Never imagined it was still on the air.. really made me smile.

Note #112(Blood)

Michelle's Musings: 9/21

Oh my god, this is hilarious. So there's this show on WLMN FM called "Truth Talkin'". It's been off the air for a while and I just found out why. I guess a guy called in cause his girlfriend was cheating on him, so the DJ tracked down the new dude and called him up. The boyfriend was supposed to show up and confront the bastard on air, but he SHOT HIM instead. ON LIVE RADIO! Can you believe it? Serves him right, if you ask me.

Note #112(Light)

Michelle's Musings: 9/21

"Truth Talkin'" came back to WLMN FM today! I guess the reason it went on hiatus is because somebody got shot during one of the calls. The DJ didn't set it up or anything, it's normally just one of those awkward things where someone gets put on the spot. I guess this guy was sleeping with someone else's girlfriend? It's been like a year but the DJ sounded different. I don't know how he could deal with that. Even though it was an accident... I just don't know.

Note #113(Blood)

Michelle's Musings: 10/9

So Mom's been in the hospital again. Big surprise. I guess the nurses said it's pretty serious this time, though. Always gotta be the center of attention, huh Mom? i'm sure she'll drag this out for months. I know it's petty to say, but I'm so angry at her for getting sick; for taking over our lives. AGAIN. I just wanted to forget you, Mom. Is that so much to ask?

Note #113(Light)

Michelle's Musings: 10/9

I hate hospital visits. Seems like Mom's been dying for years now. ...But the nurse said this is petty much it. I didn't really have anything to say, and she hasn't said anything for about a week. So we both just stared, and cried, and kept breathing. Dammit. She wasn't a great mom; she pushed Dad away, she pushed me out of the house... but she did the best she could. I don't want to lose her. I don't want to miss my mom.

Note #114(Blood)

Michelle's Musings: 10/12

I was going through the photo books in the garage, burning most of them. Saw a choice picture of Dad, all suited up at one of his stupid company events - my little brother next to him, like a little clone. Could see Mom in the background at the bar (of course), glaring away. All he ever cared about was his stupid career. I remember him trying to put me to bed with a training manual. Ugh! Only reason he took my brother in the divorce was so he'd have a protege. Sorry I'm not interested in whatever the hell it is you do! If these stupid photographs are the last time I see him, that'd be fine with me.

Note #114(Light)

Michelle's Musings: 10/12

Called Dad today, to tell him about Mom... Wasn't really sure what to say but it was the right thing to do. I guess his business is doing well. He hasn't been dating or anything, just work work work. It's really weird. Growing up, he never said a word about his job - at home he was all about family. Until things turned, obviously. Then he started working late, locking himself in the study. Good to know he's at least turned that into something positive. He's been thinking of bringing in my brother, I guess. Make it a real family business.

Note #115(Blood)

Michelle's Musings: 10/13

They called about Mom today and it made me realize something. Everything I write about in this journal actually happens. Creepy right? It made two things really obvious:

One, I write really depressing crap. Two, I've been totally wasting this.

So I think it's time to have some fun. What do I have to lose? Life sucks, love is a sham and we're all going to freaking die - so might as well go out with a bang. What's that saying? Live fast, die young? Sounds good to me.


Note #115(Light)

Michelle's Musings: 10/13

Just heard about Mom. It's honestly kind of a relief, to know she isn't suffering anymore. I called my brother and we're going to meet up later just to talk, maybe finish going through her stuff. It's nice not being alone through this. Never thought I'd say this, but I really miss her... maybe I'm growing up?

Looks like I'm about out of room in this journal.. maybe I'll pick up another one. Or maybe not--guess we'll see.

Note #115(Neutral)

Michelle's Musings: 10/13

Well, I guess that's it... I don't know what to do now.


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