This article is for Midwich as it appears in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. For the elementary school in the original game, see Midwich Elementary School.
If you really want to screw someone up, I say send them to high school.
Michael Kaufmann

Midwich High School is a public high school located within the town of Silent Hill in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It is a large complex with various buildings focusing on science, the arts and sports.

Although much of the school is blocked off because of the unusual weather, Harry Mason can still enter various rooms on both floors, including a classroom, a biology lab, a chemistry lab, an art studio and a planetarium.

The Midwich Cuckoos is the name of the school's football team, with a cuckoo bird as their mascot. Some members of the team and the cheerleader squad are heavily implied to have been in sexual relations with each other, with one of the cheerleaders being branded a "Cheerleader Whore" after having sex with the entire football team in a bathroom stall.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

When Harry Mason arrives at the school, he is advised by Cybil Bennett to head to the gymnasium, as it is frequently used as a shelter in bad weather. He follows her advice, believing that Cheryl Mason might be inside. In the abandoned school, the player is forced to enter either the art room and solve the Shadow Puzzle, or the planetarium and Planetarium Puzzle.


Michelle Valdez in Midwich's gymnasium.

In the gymnasium, Harry meets up with a woman named Michelle Valdez, who claims she is waiting for her boyfriend, John. The gym is decorated for a high school reunion party with a board covered in class photos, balloons and streamers everywhere, and tables and chairs surrounding an open dance area. Michelle tells Harry that she remembers the name Cheryl Mason from her own high school days and shows him the girl's photo. Harry sees somewhat of a resemblance, despite the fact that the Cheryl on the board is much older than he thinks his daughter should be, though he is reluctant to believe it.

Later, Harry is urged to hack into the principal's computer with a password, where he can view the student database. After finding Cheryl's file, Harry notices a different address and phone number, despite everything else matching up. Harry then resolves to find the house at the address to see if his daughter is there.


Raw Shocks chasing Harry.

During another nightmare sequence, Harry learns that Cheryl was bullied by her schoolmates. After the nightmare, he reunites with Michelle outside the school.


Some things in the school vary depending on the player's Psych Profile:

  • The mural painted on the wall in the courtyard will reflect the classes chosen in the session with Dr. Kaufmann.
  • The projector image in classroom 4D may be a message about Mr. Gordon, a drawing of the Incubus, a sex ed lesson or a religious-based text regarding mosquitoes.
  • The statue in front of the gymnasium may be the Virgin Mary, a lion or a headless running boy. The colors and decorations inside the gymnasium also vary slightly.


  • The name "Midwich Cuckoos" is a direct reference to the 1957 science fiction novel The Midwich Cuckoos. The school's founder is named after John Wyndham, the author of the book, as can be seen engraved on his statue in the courtyard.
  • Three UFOs can also be found within the high school on a replay.


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