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For the game incarnation, see Missionary.
Take it. I want to see the truth of what you are.
—Heather Mason to Claudia Wolf, before the transformation

The Missionary is a monster in Silent Hill: Revelation. She is the monstrous form of the Order's priestess Claudia Wolf. She acts as a main antagonist but meets her demise when Red Pyramid, the guardian and executioner of Alessa Gillespie, decapitates her.


The physique of the monster is clearly female. She has four claw-like blades sticking out of her head, blades on her arms, and exposed teeth. In addition, the Missionary has a chain wrapped around her neck and has two separate fleshy panels of exposed skin above the chest and on her ribcage. There are numerous leather straps, buckles, chains and even flesh hooks covering her form. She also wears what could be considered promiscuous clothes, mostly colored black with chains, similar to sadomasochism and bondage. Her skin is pale, much like her human form. She lacks eyes, instead having dark, flesh covered sockets. Her lips are not seen and her mouth is pushed into an underbite-like formation.

In the scene where Claudia transforms into the monster, she initially does not have the blades in her head, as she does in every other scene she appears in. After a few seconds, the disks slam into place within her head. They seem to come out of nowhere, but could possibly erupt from the back of her head. The blades vaguely represent the hairstyle of Christabella, who was the main antagonist of the first film.

The monster has two different blades on each arm. Each of the arms end in stubs connected to the blades via leather straps and metal rigging. On her right arm, she carries a large billhook which she uses in her fight with Red Pyramid as a tool to grapple his sword. Her left arm appears to be a blade similar to the aforementioned sword, although much smaller. Both weapons appear to be made out of incredibly thick plate iron. Despite this, the Missionary wields them with great speed and ease.

It is unknown whether or not the Missionary is fireproof, as she seems capable of jumping through the fire of the arena unscathed.

The Missionary's appearance can be considered as a polar opposite to Red Pyramid's. She appears as a thin, agile female barely clothed with her head almost fully visible while Red Pyramid is a tall, muscular male draped in a hide skirt with a head completely shrouded by his trademark helmet.

Silent Hill: Revelation

The Missionary kills Chris.

The Missionary first appears for a very brief instant early in the film during Heather Mason's nightmare. When Heather "awakens" to find her father there to comfort her, the monster appears suddenly to severe Christopher's left shoulder area completely off, albeit she can barely be seen due to both the darkness and swiftness of the scene in general.

She appears a second time endeavoring to kill both Douglas Cartland and Heather in the Otherworld of Central Square Shopping Center, and succeeds in chopping off all of Douglas' left fingers at the upper joints. The Missionary pursues the two as they take an elevator in hopes of escaping the humanoid atrocity, and with her blade-like arms, tries to break through the roof of the elevator to reach Heather and Douglas. She slices a gaping hole into the top of the elevator, but suddenly vanishes as the elevator stops. When Heather and Douglas are prepared to leave and assume they are safe, the Missionary yanks Douglas upward and kills him.

She also appears to kidnap Vincent Cooper in Jacks Inn and knocks Heather unconscious.

Claudia Wolf's transformation begins.

The Missionary's identity is uncovered at the Sanctuary, when Heather uses the Seal of Metatron against Claudia Wolf. She transforms into the monster and attempts to kill Heather, but Red Pyramid appears just in time to intercept her attack with the Great Knife. A battle ensues between the two, and the Missionary succeeds in both scarring Red Pyramid's abdomen and slashing through his helmet. The Missionary dodges his blade attacks, but in the end, she took a big risk for a frontal attack and is defeated by decapitation. Her death finally brought the Order to its knees, ending their existence.

In the black-and-white credit sequence, the Missionary makes a small cameo at the end.


The monster likely represents Claudia's religious indoctrination and raw femininity. Director M.J. Bassett has stated that Claudia is supposed to be highly maternal, and the feminine appearance of the monster supports her feminine nature. The blades could represent religion being forced into her head, especially considering during Claudia Wolf's transformation, the blades are not initially there, but very swiftly come into place.

Considering quite many Silent Hill film monsters are accumulations of those featured in the games, it is also very possible the Missionary has some roots in the Needler beast from Silent Hill: Homecoming, the most obvious comparison being when the Missionary assaults Douglas and Heather in the elevator, similar to how Alex Shepherd is attacked by the first Needler in the game.


Missionary x-ray.

  • During the scene where Vincent is surrounded by nurses on a gurney, an x-ray can be seen of the Missionary's head on the wall, possibly to foreshadow her decapitation by Red Pyramid.
  • In the original script, Heather's nightmare was prolonged and the beast also nearly kills Heather before she wakes up.
  • In the original script, the Missionary is male like the game.
  • If viewed closely, it can be noticed that when the Missionary is decapitated, the Great Knife also takes off one of her arms.


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