This article is about the boss monster. For the character, see Helen Grady. Momma is also not to be confused with Mama.
I'm not dead. Locked away! Out of sight, out of mind. Not dead. I asked them to bring my boy to me. Come here, boy... Let Momma take a look at you!

Momma is a boss from Silent Hill: Origins. She appears as a monstrous form of Travis Grady's mother, Helen Grady. She is found in Cell 5 of the Cedar Grove Sanitarium room in the Female Seclusion Ward.

When Travis first encounters his mother, the cell room manifests itself as a flashback. A young Travis enters the cell room looking for his mother, who appears as the monstrous manifestation Momma. He asks her if she is dead, having been told by his father that she was. His mother replies that she isn't dead, she was locked away, and that she had asked to see her son. At this point, the flashback ends.


Momma appears as a barely identifiable woman trapped in an iron cage. The cage has a bell-like structure. Her body appears to be wrapped in cloth. She is of a dull, grayish brown color and appears to be covered in grime. Her mouth is permanently held open wide by wire, as if she is screaming.


She moves by swinging around, attached to the ceiling. She attacks by spraying a gray gas around her, which has a large radius, and she also flails around with large spikes sticking out of her "dress". She can perform a grapple attack if Travis gets too close. She moves a little faster than most bosses, but can be defeated in the same way as every boss in Silent Hill: Origins by running from corner to corner and shooting until the boss is vanquished.


This creature is representative of Travis' memory of his mother. Her mouth is frozen open in a scream, representing her desire for her son as well as the change in her personality. Her mummified/caged state represents her stay in Cedar Grove Sanitarium, being constantly under watch and caged up, unable to see her family or be free. She is in a gibbet, which were once used to suspend convicted criminals, possibly referring to her "criminal" act of trying to kill her own son. It's also noticeable that the gibbet has an almost church bell-like structure, also hinting to the possibility of the suspected connections to Dahlia Gillespie; it very well could've been this woman who instilled her beliefs of Travis being a devil into her head, and having Momma trapped inside the gibbet could also be deciphered as Helen being trapped within a false belief. Also, her ability to exhale poisonous gas might represent the attempt to kill herself and Travis by natural gas inhalation.



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