Monica's Dance Studio is a location found on the third floor of the Hilltop Center in Silent Hill 3. After getting the jack and screwdriver from KMN Auto Parts and the Gallery of Fine Arts, Heather Mason is able to use the screwdriver on a stuck drawer in the back room to get the rope. If the player is playing on Easy mode, the drawer is open and the rope is accessible without the need of the screwdriver.

There is also a first aid kit and an ampoule in an open locker.

Inside the studio, there are two Insane Cancers as well as a pack of Double Heads. Since there doesn't seem to be any significance to this room, avoiding them is best advised.


  • The dance studio shares the same name as Monica Taylor Horgan, who was Mary Shepherd-Sunderland/Maria's voice actress from Silent Hill 2. It is likely that the dance studio was named after her, as Team Silent was known for basing street names and locations off of the people who worked with the games. Monica also attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which may have further been a nod to the voice actress.


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