No! Get away from me! Get awa...
—Moon to Alessa at the end of her scenario

Moon is a character in the mobile game Silent Hill: Orphan.


Moon attempted suicide several times throughout her childhood. Her parents decided to leave her at Sheppard's Orphanage because they believed she would receive better treatment there. Moon is a survivor of the massacre that occurred at the orphanage. Thirty years later, she has several dreams about the place and decides to go back there to investigate.

Silent Hill: Orphan

She returns to the orphanage and discovers Ben's corpse in the shower room and is told to kill herself by the same voice that Ben heard. After further exploration, she obtains some scissors and the voice tells her to use them on herself. Instead, she uses them to solve a puzzle, after which she discovers a suicide letter from herself to her parents that she does not remember writing. Moon then decides to go to the boy's washroom, her apparent suicide location in the letter, and investigate.

When Moon enters the boy's washroom, the screen turns white. Moon then finds Alessa (in her monster form) and there is a short conversation between the two. In this conversation, Alessa tells Moon, "Do not fear me Moon. You need to feel this..." and Moon starts screaming in despair until her voice is interrupted, implying that she was being attacked and killed by Alessa. After this scene, Karen's scenario begins.

At the end of the game, Alessa confirms that Moon died, telling Karen, "Karen... What good did that do? Please meet me at you know where... Moon would like to have a word with you." Apparently, Alessa said this to attract Karen to the Otherworld to convince her to kill herself, similar to Emilie.

The game implies that Alessa spared Moon during the massacre because she thought that Moon would commit suicide anyway. But when Moon shows that she no longer wants to kill herself, Alessa decides to kill her personally, drawing her back to the orphanage with dreams.


  • After Moon's death, the player begins controlling Karen. When the player goes to the bathroom that Moon was in, there will be a large patch of blood and a bag containing the items that were collected by Moon in her scenario. It's speculated that the blood and the bag are Moon's, although Moon's corpse isn't found with it.
  • In an alternative scene of the game (if the player goes to Moon's old room), she mentions that she shared a room with two other girls named "Clara" and "Tilda", and that they were killed in their beds on the night of the massacre.