The Moon
'moon' tarot card
The Moon tarot card
"Found this in the archives. I don't think it's an especially good card."
Used in the Tarot Card Puzzle
Library, 1F Chapel
Eye of Night
High Priestess
Hanged Man
Silent Hill 3

The Moon tarot card is one of five tarot cards that must be collected in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason finds the card on the desk inside of the library in the the Order's chapel. The card is needed to solve the Tarot Card Puzzle in Alessa Gillespie's room. Solving the puzzle unlocks the door that leads to Heather's final confrontation with Claudia Wolf.

Creator's comment

The Moon card can mean uneasiness, distrust of inconsistency. I thought that the personality of Vincent, who does not speak plainly to others and makes them uneasy, was applicable to "the moon" so I included this card into the game
Hiroyuki Owaku [1]


  • The Moon is card XVIII in the major arcana portion of most standard tarot decks.
  • According to the Book of Lost Memories, the "Moon" is representative of Vincent Smith and his ulterior motives behind helping Heather. The card is also found in the same room that Heather has her second-to-last discussion with Vincent, and the cutscene is actually triggered by picking up the tarot card.

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