Even Mama said it... I deserved what happened...
—Angela to James Sunderland

Mrs. Orosco is the mother of Angela Orosco, and the wife of Thomas Orosco, mentioned in Silent Hill 2. She is often addressed as "Mama" by Angela, and finding her serves as Angela's objective throughout the game.


It is implied Mrs. Orosco may have lived in Silent Hill, perhaps even living in its apartment buildings, either Wood Side Apartments or Blue Creek Apartments.

While Angela was sexually and physically abused by her father and brother as a child, her mother did nothing to stop the abuse, and instead, told Angela that she deserved it (it is unknown if these were Mrs. Orosco's true feelings or something Thomas pressured her into saying). Angela's various comments about her mother tell that she is very attached to her, and being the only information source for Mrs. Orosco, suggests that although she took no steps to help her daughter during Thomas' abuse upon her, she was still some sort of comfort to Angela.

At some point in time (Angela says "It's been so long since I've seen her" in Silent Hill 2), Mrs. Orosco eventually left her family, leaving Angela alone with her father and brother. It's unknown what happened to her, although it's possible Mrs. Orosco wanted to cut off contact with her husband and since Thomas had a history of violence and drunkenness and Mrs. Orosco may have also been a victim of Thomas. However, Mrs. Orosco would also leave her children behind, although it is possible Mrs. Orosco planned on reconnecting with her children when they were old enough to move out and leave Thomas. It is also unknown if Angela's mother is even alive during Silent Hill 2; it is possible she left her family to go kill herself and hid her suicide from Angela and her brother to ease the burden.

Silent Hill 2


Angela confuses James as her mother.

In the Blue Creek Apartments, James finds Angela in a room. He may find a photo on the floor of a family, possibly Angela's, but this has never been confirmed.

In the Lakeview Hotel, Angela temporarily mistakes James Sunderland for her mother (possibly due to the effects of the Otherworld), expressing clear ardor to him when she mistook his identity.

After the events of the game, Mrs. Orosco may be the only surviving member of the Orosco family, since Angela killed her father and brother and later herself.


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