Mugshot is a message Harry Mason receives from Cybil Bennett after leaving the boat and before getting across the lake. The content changes based on his Psych Profile. One of three possible photos will be attached.

Transcript Plot

These messages serve little more than just informing the player of more of the true plot of the game, and revealing more about the actual history involved. The only notable aspects are the smug messages that Cybil sends to Harry, which come off as rather rude or, in some cases (or how Harry would see it), as arrogant, as Harry believes that she is being idiotic, due to the fact that it has only been a couple of days since he had lost his seven-year-old daughter. As Michelle Valdez later states, the chances of two characters having similar names in a "small town like this" (Silent Hill) are unlikely, but not impossible.

Mugshot Transcript

Variation 1:

This your cute seven-year-old?

Variation 2:

This your poor seven-year-old?

Variation 3:

This your "little" seven-year-old?

Variation 4:

This your seven-year-old Cheryl?


  • It is unknown when these images were taken, given that Cheryl was arrested multiple times.


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