The Multi-Headed Monster (unofficial name) is a creature that appears briefly in Among the Damned. The monster is found inside the Borley Haunted Mansion of Lakeside Amusement Park.

The Multi-Headed Monster strongly resembles an Insane Cancer, in that it is an extremely obese humanoid creature with pale white flesh. It has multiple heads that protrude from its arms and is armed with a multitude of razor sharp swords, although which part of its body the swords stem from is unknown.

Among the Damned

Dahlia stumbles into the Multi-Headed Monster's lair when she enters the Borley Haunted Mansion in Silent Hill. Instead of being horrified by the creature's appearance, she instead finds it to be "beautiful", and she stands quietly in front of it. Jason finds Dahlia and tries to convince her to flee before she can be harmed, but she ignores him. Seconds later, the Multi-Headed Monster stabs Dahlia through the stomach with a sword, badly wounding her. Jason opens fire on the creature and flees with an injured Dahlia.

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