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Mumblers are small, grotesque monsters seen in Silent Hill. They react strongly to light and make strange growling noises when they notice Harry Mason.

They replace the Grey Child seen in the North American version; the reason behind this is that the designs of the Grey Children were rejected by censors multiple times as they resembled real-life children too much, with the fact that the player would have to kill these child-like creatures being a particular issue.[1] As a result, the Grey Children were not included in the European and Japanese versions.

However, Mumblers still appear in the North American version in Annie's Bar and in the sewers of Silent Hill.


Mumblers are small creatures with a giant hole where the face should be. They are reddish-brown in coloration and have three humongous claws that protrude from their arms. Their name is derived from the mumbling sound they make when approaching the player.


Harry attacked by three Mumblers in the school (PAL version).

Their claws serve as fingers, which can be used to deliver incredibly strong attacks. Their method of attack is similar to that of Grey Children, in which they jump onto their victim's legs, immobilizing them, while clawing at them at the same time. Though they move slowly, they make up for it in strength and numbers.


The Mumblers take on a dark image of the small menacing animals and demons from fairy tales that Alessa Gillespie used to read frequently as a child.


Mumbler sketch in Revelation.


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