The article found outside in a garbage chute.

The Murder Incident Article is found outside Wood Side Apartments in a garbage chute in Silent Hill 2. The article mentions a man named Walter Sullivan, who was responsible for the deaths of twins Billy and Miriam Locane. He was arrested and imprisoned for their deaths; soon after his imprisonment, however, he committed suicide by using a soup spoon to stab himself in the neck, severing his carotid artery.

The transcript also mentions a being known as the "Red Devil". Originally, the mention of this anonymous creature was believed to be a foreshadowing of the encounter with Pyramid Head, but with the release of Silent Hill 4: The Room, the lore changed to refer to Jimmy Stone, who was nicknamed the "Red Devil".

There is a slight mistranslation error. Pleasant River is not Walter's "hometown", but simply where he was currently living.[1]


"The police announced today that
Walter Sullivan, who was arrested
on the 18th of this month for the
brutal murder of Billy Locane and
his sister Miriam, committed
suicide in his jail cell early on the
morning of the 22nd.
According to the police
statement, Sullivan used a soup
spoon to stab himself in the neck,
severing his carotid artery.
By the time the guard discovered
him, Sullivan was dead from blood
loss, the spoon buried two inches
in his neck.

An old schoolmate of Walter
Sullivan's from his hometown of
Pleasant River said "He didn't
look like the type of guy who
would kill kids.

But I do remember that just
before they arrested him he
was blurting out all sorts of
strange stuff like 'He's trying
to kill me. He's trying to
punish me. The monster...
the red devil. Forgive me. I did it,
but it wasn't me!'.

The schoolmate then added
'I guess now that I think of it,
he was kinda crazy'."


  • Finding this article gives one of the answers to a later (but optional) puzzle in the game, where it is asked who murdered the aforementioned twins.
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