Murphy's Journal

Murphy's Journal on his prison cell bed.

Murphy's Journal is a very important tool used in Silent Hill: Downpour.

It is a place where Murphy Pendleton can write down his objectives, collect memos and maps, and even jot down his views on the environment around him.

It has two zoom levels: a far out shot and a more close up one, which players must pan over to read text. The journal itself is a battered book that Murphy had in prison, but it is blank at the start of the game.


(After the bus crash)
Get back to the Highway

Bus crash. No survivors. Need to find the highway, gain some distance. This may be my only chance...

(Climbing up the cliff side after Anne falls)
Find a way out of the area

Found the highway. Looks like one hell of a storm came through. No wonder we crashed. Need to find a ride out of here. Maybe boost a car in town...?

(Read the poster for the free tram ticket)
Find the missing ticket machine

Someone moved the damn ticket machine. Going to look for it. If I can get a ticket to the sky tram, maybe I can finally put some distance between myself and the crash site.

(Examine the ticket machine)
Obtain a ticket to get to Devil's Pit

Maybe this sky tram can take me into town. Maybe I can find a ride there, get to the border before anyone knows I'm missing. But where the hell do I find a ticket...?

(Meet Howard at Devil's Pitstop)
Change into new clothes

Got to find some new clothes, keep a low profile. Can't keep wandering around with an inmate number scrawled across my back. Need to feel human again...

(Reach Devil's Pit)
Find a way into town

Feels like I'm losing my mind. WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE THINGS!? That postman said I could find a way into town from here. Was he lying to me?

(Meet JP)
Follow the path down to the train

Something's definitely not right here. Am I going crazy? Is this really happening? Sater said the train is my ticket into town. Need to find it and get out of here.

(Cross the bridge and approach the ledge)
Find an alternate route down

Bridge is out - almost killed me. This whole place is falling apart (how long has it been since it was open?) Need to find another way around. Hope the train still works...

(Reach Silent Hill)
Escape from Silent Hill

Made it to Silent Hill. Seems... quiet. (Where IS everyone?) Need to find a way out of town and never, ever look back.

(Meet Howard outside Hillside Apartments)
Find a way to the Radio Station

Howard said the radio station is in a tall building in the center of town with a big clock. Need to find that DJ, get some answers. How does he know my name...?

(Examine the gate in Centennial Building garage)
Enter the building via the service elevator

There's a service elevator that goes to the top part of the building, but it's clocked by a locked gate. Sign says the radio station is at the top. Need to find a way up to DJ Ricks and hopefully some answers...

(Examine the locked door on the second floor of the Centennial Building)
Find the unlock code

The door is protected by a security code. Need to find the code and continue searching for DJ Ricks. He might by my only way out of this nightmare...

(Press the button for the 18th floor on the Centennial Building elevator)
Unlock the elevator to the radio station

Just my luck. The elevator needs a security card to go to the radio station floor. Need to find that security card.

(Receive the letter from Howard after completing the Centennial Building)
Inquire at the monastery

Howard gave me a letter, said I'm needed at the monastery on the hill overlooking the town. I'm sure it's some kind of trap. This town... it wants to destroy me, doesn't it? Still... I feel like I need answers.

(Meet the boy in St. Maria's)

Met a strange kid on the way to the morgue. Gate is locked, but the boy will let me through if I can recite a rhyme. He called me a monster. Need to find that rhyme, prove otherwise...

(Arrive at Overlook Penitentiary)

NO! This can't be happening. I was out. I was FREE. Why am I inside again? This isn't Ryall, or even Wayside. What more does it want from me? I won't let it break me. MUST. GET. OUT.

(Activate the Bird Cage Sidequest)
Set all of the birds free

Someone abandoned their bird. Poor thing will die in there without anyone to feed it, so I set it free. Felt good. I know how he feels...

(Get caught by a possessed police car)
Stop the patrol cars

Police cars everywhere. They don't look like normal cops. Something's very wrong here... What kind of town is this?

Find the police patrol dispatcher

If the town is deserted, who's dispatching the patrol cars?

(Find the police station after being caught)
Identify each patrol car's call number

If I can find each car's number, maybe I can call them off their patrol route...

(Pick up the stolen goods in the thief's apartment)
Return the stolen items to their rightful owners

The thief stole these people's things. Maybe I can set things right by returning them to the rightful owners?

(Enter the art gallery's basement)
Find the missing paintings

Found something strange at the art gallery. The curator found a hidden map in a series of nine paintings. If I can find the missing paintings, I can complete the map... but to what?

(Read the Missing Girl Poster)
Find the missing girl

Another lost child. Looks like this one suffers from autism. Not good. That kid needs help. I should try to find her, bring her home before she gets hurt. It's not safe here.

(Pick up the Mother's Note)
Follow the girl's trail home

The girl's mother used colored ribbons to guide her daughter home from school. If I follow them, maybe I can find out what happened to her.

(Pick up the Apartment Key)

Found the girl's medical bracelet at the end of a broken pier. I fear the worst. Her address is somewhere on Lamon Street.

(Attempt to open a locker in the bank vault)
Bank Mystery

Discover why the bank alarm keeps sounding.

(Speak to Homer)
Find food for the beggar

Met a homeless guy, Homer, said he can show me a shortcut around town if I bring him something to eat. What could it hurt...?

(Bring Homer a Candy Bar)
Find a warm coat for the beggar

Fed Homer what I could find. Promised he'd show me another shortcut if I could find him some warm clothes.

(Examine the projector)
Fix the projector

I used to work in a movie theater just like this as a kid. Looks like the projector just needs a new bulb...

(Fix the projector)
Play a film

I wonder what's playing tonight?

(Put a reel in the projector)
Examine the screen

The film... it looks too lifelike. It's as if I could reach out and touch it...

(Approach the trunk in the attic)
Open the attic trunk

I wonder what's inside the trunk? I need to find the key and check it out...

(Locate the map for the Shadow Play Sidequest)

Found a map of the town. Seems to correspond to the shadow symbols...

(Pick up the Urn)

Too sad. Someone should scatter their ashes at their favorite spot. But where...?

(Discover the Dead Man's Hand victim)

Found another prisoner. Something tore out his heart... so why can I still hear it beating?


  • Unlocking all the mysteries in the journal will unlock the achievement/trophy "Silent Hill Historic Society".
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