The Silent Hill film's musical score was arranged by Jeff Danna using the original music from the Silent Hill video game series, which was composed by Akira Yamaoka. Yamaoka also supervised the arranging and remixing of the soundtrack. To date there has been no official announcement regarding the release of the film's soundtrack.

The only differences between the tracks as they appear in the games compared to the film are the remixed and modified versions or new renditions of certain songs, such as "Promise (Reprise)", "Wounded Warsong", and a few others. The only song on the soundtrack that was not taken from the games and composed by Yamaoka is Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

Vocals on "Letter... from the Lost Days", "Lost Carol", "Waiting for You", and "You're Not Here" are sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The songs used in the movie come from each of the games, Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room.

The ending theme in the Japanese version of the movie is Anna Tsuchiya's Lovin' You.[1]

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Below is a list of the songs featured in the film in the order they appear and their respective games of origin.

Song title Game of origin Scene
"Silent Hill" Silent Hill The first ten seconds play at the Tristar logo.
"Ordinary Vanity" Silent Hill 2 The scene after Rose and Christopher Da Silva held Sharon after her sleepwalking incident at the beginning of the film, plays through to the film's logo then in the scene when Rose and Sharon are sitting under a tree.
"Laura Plays the Piano" Silent Hill 2 The scene when Rose and Sharon nap under the tree and in the scene when they return from Silent Hill.
"Waiting For You ~ LIVE at 'Heaven's Night' ~" Silent Hill 4: The Room The scene when Rose is inside the gas station, the song is playing on the radio.
"Innocent Moon" Silent Hill 3 The scene when Christopher looks at Rose's computer and sees the articles on Silent Hill. The scenes when Christopher feels Rose while she's in the Otherworld.
"Letter - From the Lost Days" Silent Hill 3 The scene when Rose and Sharon are driving to Silent Hill, the song plays over the radio in the Jeep.
"The Day of Night" Silent Hill 2 The scene when Rose comes to and discovers that Sharon is missing and ash is falling from the sky.
"Killed By Death" Silent Hill The scene when Rose enters Silent Hill, also the Otherworld transition at Midwich Elementary School.
"Nothing Else" Silent Hill Initially played in the scene when Rose sees Alessa when she first arrives in Silent Hill then in scenes whenever Rose sees Alessa's dark side.
"Block Mind" Silent Hill 2 The first Otherworld sequence when Rose looks for Sharon.
"Black Fairy" Silent Hill 2 The scene when Rose discovers the disemboweled man hanging on the fence and then is attacked by the Grey Children.
"Ring of Fire" The scene when Rose awakens inside a bowling alley where a jukebox is playing the song after being attacked by the Gray Children.
"A Stray Child" Silent Hill 3 Scene when Rose discovers the Abyss.
"Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me" Silent Hill 3 Scene when Rose first meets with Dahlia.
"Promise (Reprise)" Silent Hill 2 Scene when Rose returns to her car and discovers one of Sharon's drawings. Recurring theme in scenes where a revelation regarding Alessa and/or Sharon is made.
"The Darkness That Lurks in Our Mind" Silent Hill 2 Scene when Rose and Cybil Bennett encounter the Armless Man.
"Ashes and Ghost" Silent Hill 2 Scene when Rose escapes from Cybil.
"Wounded Warsong" Silent Hill 4: The Room Scene where Rose runs from bus stop to bus stop following a bus route to Midwich Elementary School.
"Moonchild" Silent Hill Scene when Rose is in the school and then encounters the miners walking around, ends when the school transforms.
"Don't Cry" Silent Hill Scene when Colin first comes alive in the Otherworld version of the school.
"Maternal Heart" Silent Hill 3 The scene when Rose and Cybil walk the streets of Silent Hill heading to the hotel.
"I'll Kill You" Silent Hill Scene when Rose, Cybil, and Anna run for their lives to the safety of the church.
"Prayer" Silent Hill 3 Scene on the church steps as the town sinks into darkness, and the Midwich Otherworld sequence.
"Clockwork Little Happiness" Silent Hill 3 Scene during the prayer led by Christabella, the beginning organ part played also appeared in the scene when Rose first sees Alessa running around Silent Hill.
"Dance With Night Wind" Silent Hill 3 Scene during the journey to Brookhaven Hospital.
"Fermata in Mistic Air" Silent Hill 2 Flashback scene during which Alessa's dark side explains how Alessa was burned by the cult.
"Until The Stars Go Out" Silent Hill 4: The Room Flashback scene where Alessa and Dark Alessa combine and the scene whites out from flashback to current time.
"Last Boss Remix" Silent Hill 3 Scene during the second half of Alessa's revenge in the church. New organ melody is played during the scene as bed-ridden Alessa is coming out from the hole in the church with razor wire.
"Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me" Silent Hill 3 Scene when Rose and Sharon/Alessa awaken after the finale.
"Magdalene" Silent Hill 2 Scene when Rose and Sharon/Alessa arrive home.
"Lost Carol" Silent Hill 3 Scene where brief vocal piece is played when Christopher exits the front door at the end of the film.
"You're Not Here" Silent Hill 3 During the animated end credits.
"Tears Of..." Silent Hill Played after the CGI portion of the credits.
"Theme of Laura" Silent Hill 2 Begins after '"Tears of...", continuing until the end of the credits and film.

Promotional Material

Below is a list of songs used in promotional material related to the film.

Promotional Songs
Song title OST song came from Played during
"Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me" Silent Hill 3 The beginning of the teaser trailer.
"Die" Silent Hill The second half of the teaser trailer.
"Promise (Reprise)" Silent Hill 2 The beginning of the full-length trailer.
"Prayer" Silent Hill 3 Full-length trailer when Silent Hill goes dark.
"Killed by Death" Silent Hill Full-length trailer when Rose meets the Dark Nurses.
"Hometown" Silent Hill 3 End of full-length trailer.
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