South Vale

A map of South Vale. Nathan Ave. is the longest road, running through the entire area.

Nathan Avenue is a major road first seen in Silent Hill 2, also included in Silent Hill 3. The road is found in South Vale, the southern region of Silent Hill. Nathan Ave. runs near the edges of Toluca Lake, and is the longest road in the area. The avenue is also wide, allowing for much traffic, and has many other major roads of the county branching from it. In both games it is plagued by thick fog and shows little sign of human activity.

Silent Hill 2

Nathan Avenue1

Nathan Ave. near the Observation Deck.

In Silent Hill 2, James Sunderland begins his journey into Silent Hill on the Observation Deck off of Nathan Avenue. He comes across Nathan Ave. many more times in his stay, as it runs the length of South Vale. James also enters many establishments off of Nathan Ave., including Rosewater Park, Pete's Bowl-O-Rama and the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Normally, continuing west along the road leads to Sanford St. and eventually the Resort Area of Silent Hill. Unfortunately for James, the bridge connecting the two major roads is cut off, which prevents him from going any further.

Silent Hill 3

Nathan Ave. is again seen in Silent Hill 3. Heather Mason and Douglas Cartland decide to go to Silent Hill and enter into South Vale. They stay inside Jacks Inn, right next to Nathan Avenue. Again the town is wrapped in fog and infested with monsters, and Heather must brave the streets to reach Brookhaven Hospital.


Lakeside Amusement Park billboard

One of the billboards seen on Nathan Ave.

  • Many street names in the games are named as a tribute to specific people. Nathan Ave. was named after Robert Nathan, a famous novelist.
  • As it is a major thoroughfare, many billboards can be seen along the sides of Nathan Ave. Some billboards include advertisements for Pete's Bowl-O-Rama, Lakeside Amusement Park, Heaven's Night, Lakeview Hotel and other local businesses.
  • Nathan Avenue is one of the answers for the Trick or Treat Box quiz that James is asked while inside Brookhaven Hospital.
  • A drug store titled Nathan Drugs is seen in the film.
  • There are several differences between how the street looks in the second and the third games:
    • In Silent Hill 3, there are no collapses of the road near Jacks Inn and the bridge near the Historical Society that were in Silent Hill 2.
    • There were no obstacles on Munson Street at its north end in Silent Hill 2, however the street is blocked in Silent Hill 3.
    • Carroll Street was blocked in Silent Hill 2 near Texxon Gas, but it's free in Silent Hill 3.
    • The Rosewater Park is closed in Silent Hill 3.
    • The traffic lights attached to the streetlight pillar near Jacks Inn in Silent Hill 2 are removed in Silent Hill 3.
    • Mailboxes near Rosewater Park are replaced with fire hydrants in Silent Hill 3.
    • Some cars are replaced and some cars are located in different places in Silent Hill 3.
    • The red triple ring symbol seen on trash containers in Silent Hill 2 is absent in Silent Hill 3.


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