Newspaper Article (Corruption)

Newspaper Article found on a front porch.

The Newspaper Article (Corruption) is found in Silent Hill: Downpour, on the front porch of a house in Pleasant River located near a van on Rice Street. It's an article into the allegations of corruption at Ryall State Prison. These corrupt prison guards are involved in the distribution and sale of illegal narcotics, theft and physical abuse against both prisoners and prison staff. George Sewell is most likely one of these guards up for investigation.


Ryall State Prison To Be Investigated For Corruption Charges

By William Thomas

Officials at Ryall State Prison are reporting that they will be the subject of a voluntary investigation into charges from various prisoners that the guards who work at the prison are engaged in corrupt practices.

"We are confident in the integrity of our guards," Warden Glen Milton told reporters at a recent press conference held at the prison. "We run a tight ship here and have nothing to hide. That's why we've taken the initiative to invite state investigators into our facilities--to clear up these misunderstandings and, frankly, dispute the outright lies being told by some of the prisoners in our care."

Charges against the Ryall guards include the distribution and sale of illegal narcotics, theft, and physical abuse against both prisoners and fellow prison staff.

One state official, who requested to remain unnamed, said the investigation is slated to begin in two weeks' time.

"We take these accusations very seriously," the official said. "If it turns out there is any validity to the charges, then appropriate disciplinary actions against Ryall Prison as well as those individuals responsible will be taken immediately."

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