Nick Stakal is an illustrator and comicbook artist who's worked on such publishers as Image Comics, IDW Publishing,White Wolf Publishing, and Dark Horse Comics .


Nick is a comic artist, known most for the 2005 Silent Hill comics Silent Hill: Dead/Alive, Silent Hill: The Grinning Man, and Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales. He is also known for Silent Hill Omnibus (2008). For these works, he pencilled, inked, and colored. In 2005, he also did cover art for Silent Hill: Paint It Black and Silent Hill: Dead/Alive. Since his contributions to the Silent Hill franchise, he has worked on numerous other comics, most recently Criminal Macabre Omnibus (2011) which he pencilled and inked. Other notable works include Strange Girl (2005) and Hyde (2004, 2006). For Hyde, he pencilled, inked, colored, and made cover art. He did the same for Strange Girl, excluding coloring.

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