Norman Young's Motel is a motel found in the Resort Area in the town of Silent Hill. The motel is labeled as "Motel Haerbey Inn" on the Resort Area map and signs, and is located south of the Indian Runner store, off of Weaver St. The motel consists of various rooms facing a central opening. The only areas accessed in-game include the rear entrance, the garage and Michael Kaufmann's room. Harry Mason can enter these rooms only during the events of the optional Kaufmann sidequest in Silent Hill. Completing the quest is vital for achieving the Good or Good+ ending.

Kaufmann sidequest

After finding the Kaufmann Key in Annie's Bar and the lock combination in the Indian Runner (0886), Harry can enter Room No. 3 and the motel's rear entrance. In the motel proprietor's room (where the rear entrance leads), Harry can find an article on the PTV drug, as well as a magnet and a diary entry reading:

"Took package. Told to sit on it awhile.
Don't want to get involved, but can't disobey...
He's probably linked to death of the mayor and others."

Harry inside Room 3

There is also a garage that can be accessed from here, and inside Harry's attention is drawn to a lone motorcycle. It appears to be very dusty except for the area around the fuel tank. However, Harry is unable to open it without a key. In Room No. 3, Kaufmann's room, there is a an unreachable key beneath the floorboards. Using the magnet found previously, Harry can reach and obtain the key. The key is apparently for the motorcycle, and after using it, Harry finds a vial of Aglaophotis hidden in the gas tank of the motorcycle.


Harry and Kaufmann in the motel garage

In the following cutscene, Kaufmann enters and berates Harry for his meddling, saying he should be concentrating on how to get out of town. He takes the vial and exits the room in a rush, leaving Harry suspicious and wondering if he wasted his time. Considering the diary entry found earlier and the PTV found in the Indian Runner safe, it can be deduced that Michael Kaufmann had significant ties to the drug-trafficking in Silent Hill. The hidden Aglaophotis also suggests he has an important role in the cult's business with Silent Hill and Alessa Gillespie.

The completion of the above scenario will allow the player to achieve the Good or Good+ ending. These endings feature Kaufmann throwing his Aglaophotis at the Incubator and expelling the demon inside of her, meaning that Harry must fight the Incubus instead.

Channeling Stone


Harry sees a UFO in the motel yard.

If playing on a Next Fear Game, Harry can obtain the Channeling Stone, which can be used in certain locations in order to obtain the UFO ending. One of the required locations is the central yard of Norman's Motel. Upon using the Channeling Stone, Harry will gaze up at strange figures that appear in the sky.



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