Numb Body is a monster from Silent Hill 3. They also appear in Silent Hill: The Arcade and the comics Dying Inside and Hunger.


Numb Bodies are relatively featureless, bipedal creatures that appear in various sizes. They waddle and hop side-to-side. They resemble tadpole-like creatures covered in purplish, pale skin which splits and cracks constantly. They consist of only two legs, which end in deformed, toe-like digits. From their backs protrude two triangular growths of presumably no real purpose. Their heads only have a single hole in it, from which they presumably see, and nothing else.



Numb Bodies are usually found in groups.

Numb Bodies are usually found in groups, typically consisting of three or four, but may be found solitary. Alone, they aren't very dangerous, simply attacking by ramming their heads into Heather Mason to damage her; however, when in groups, they have a tendency to surround her, and this can make them much more difficult to handle as Heather tries to ward them off one at a time.


Heather stabbing a Numb Body.

The smaller Numb Bodies will occasionally ignore Heather for a few moments, walking by her without acknowledgment, but will typically begin to approach her if another Numb Body has begun to attack the protagonist. They may also make tiny leaps (sometimes quivering just before as if building up energy) to advance more quickly towards Heather or as another method of smashing into her. These monsters emit moan-like calls in a constant pattern, but will make sounds more reminiscent of an injured, young animal when actually being attacked. They flail around when Heather has grounded them, shrieking out cries that somewhat resemble a human infant's.

Silent Hill 3 - Monstruos Numb Body 1 9

Silent Hill 3 - Monstruos Numb Body 1 9

Numb Bodies in action.

The larger variants, first appearing inside the moving subway car that departs from Hazel Street Station, aren't much more dangerous, though they both give and take slightly more damage, making them harder to defeat. These bigger enemies slowly deflate when killed, similar to the Insane Cancer. Just like their smaller counterpart, they too voice moan-like sounds, although theirs is more like a deep bellow. When attacked, they make loud, almost gurgling effects, and they will also kick about and "scream" wildly once they have fallen over.


The Book of Lost Memories says its name is derived from its slow and clumsy movements and the fact that its body appears pale as though frozen.

It appears undeveloped, as to represent the premature state of God in Heather's uterus. The larger Numb Bodies could symbolize God growing. The fetus of a child in the womb develops what resembles a tail, but it loses this attribute in the later stages of development; the Numb Body is one of the few enemies not associated with animals that has a tail, and suggests the underdevelopment of God as a type of fetus. They only appear in the first half of the game, further adding to this theory. They emit lamb-like, distressed cries when Heather causes them to collapse. The creature's head resembles a cervix, further relating to maternity and femininity, as do many of the game's monsters.

The cracked skin of the Numb Body is similar to the effects of the congenital disease harlequin ichthyosis. (WARNING: Images of infants suffering from harlequin ichthyosis are very disturbing. Please do not click the link if you think the pictures will upset you.) This feature can relate to body horror and women's fears of problematic pregnancies.

There have also been comparisons of their dark veins and orifice to the clinical symptoms of hemorrhoids, which are not uncommon during pregnancy, possibly representing the fear of mother's body decaying and destroying itself for the purpose of nourishing a fetus, as well as pregnancy limiting free movements.

They could also represent male genitalia (the Split Worm may also too), due to their phallic-shaped heads. The black hole at the end could symbolise the urinary meatus. They discharge projectiles at Heather through this cavity, an act reminiscent of ejaculation, which ties into the theme of copulation and impregnation (fertilisation) of the game. The fact that they ram their heads at Heather could indicate the act of sexual assault. Height-wise, the smaller-sized Numb Bodies come up to Heather's pelvic area, and Heather is wearing a mini-skirt while fighting these monsters. 

Increasing their horror value, the Numb Bodies emit bleating, lamb-like cries once fallen. Especially within a game of occult matters, this may be a mild nod towards the Christian Lamb of God, which is meant to symbolize the purging of the sins of the world; Claudia Wolf even states the coming of God will "forgive everyone of their sins". The Order has roots in various modern religions, Christianity included, so this also provides evidence for its sound-oriented symbolism.

The cries of the Numb Body could also be likened to that of a bear cub, especially when compared to the sounds the larger versions make, and is possibly symbolic of the mother-daughter relationship that neither Heather nor Alessa had in their childhood.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Numb Body Gasball

Numb Body projectile attack.

In Silent Hill: The Arcade, the Numb Bodies are first seen in the Central Square Shopping Center stage and then in a short subway train scene. They never appear again after this.

They convulse and thrash about much more than their previous incarnation. The Numb Bodies are more aggressive as well, so much so that they will even leap from edges of a higher floor to land a strike on the player as they fall. These Numb Bodies also demonstrate a new form of distance attack, by producing a gaseous, green ball through the hole at the center of their faces, which is then hurled in an arc-like fashion towards the player. This attack does require charging, where the Numb Body is seen leaning backwards to prepare for this method of attack.

Dying Inside

Appearing in Issue 1 of Dying Inside, the Numb Body does little more than frighten Troy Abernathy and his patient, Lynn DeAngelis.


Silent Hill 3


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