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Welcome home, Mr. Pendleton. Glory be to God.

The Nun is a character from Silent Hill: Downpour. She invites Murphy Pendleton to St. Maria's Monastery to show him the body of the Bogeyman, possibly trying to get him to face the guilt of his past. The Nun seems to genuinely want to help Murphy, and she adopts a motherly, patient figure whenever they encounter each other.

While she appears to be a typical Christian nun, her knowledge and connections to the Bogeyman are questionable, possibly hinting to her being a manifestation.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Howard Blackwood gives Murphy a letter, which he says is from St. Maria's. Murphy says that this is impossible, to which Howard replies, "Got your name on the letter, don't it? Seems plenty right to me," which subsequently drives Murphy into a rage. He rips up the letter, but Howard gives him another.

The Nun.

Murphy walks to the monastery some time later and waits patiently to be answered. After some dialogue between the Nun and Murphy, she admits him. The Nun's apparent aim is to help Murphy; she seems to be one of the few characters to genuinely feel this way.

The Nun disappears after the Bogeyman knocks out Murphy and is neither seen nor mentioned again.


  • "Ah, yes. Mr. Pendleton! We've been expecting you. You were the only family we were able to locate. Your presence is very welcome."
  • "Bless you, child. I understand this must be very confusing for you."
  • "He died peacefully and is finally at rest. For that, at least, we can thank The Lord for his mercy."
  • "He didn't leave much behind, but his few personal effects are yours to claim."
  • "We're pleased that the good Lord has allowed us to carry out his work here at St. Maria's."
  • "I'm sure you'll find your visit... enlightening."
  • "Thank you for coming to shepherd your son home, Mr. Pendleton. I know it's difficult losing a child..."
  • "I understand, Mr. Pendleton. We all deal with grief in our own way."
  • "Don't you know, child? Have you wandered so far off the path to not even realize who you are?"
  • "So often the answers are before us, Murphy, if only we allow ourselves to see them."
  • "Revenge is a long, treacherous road, isn't it Mr. Pendleton? Where do you suppose it ends?"
  • "There were those who dwelt in darkness and in the shadow of death, prisoners in misery and chains, because they had rebelled against the word of God."
  • "You see? I knew you'd come around, in the end."


  • Murphy's comment on the Nun is: "I have never really understood this concept of self-sacrifice, to give up your own life and the chance to have your own family for the sake of serving others. But back in the orphanage we were all grateful as hell that those women chose to be teachers, nurses and yes, even true mothers to us."


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