Map of Old Silent Hill

A map of Old Silent Hill.

Old Silent Hill is primarily a residential area located in Paleville, usually ignored by people on vacation. It is the first environment visited by Harry Mason during his journey in Silent Hill. It consists of the streets Bradbury, Bachman, Bloch, Ellroy, Finney, Levin, Midwich, and Matheson. Notable locations in Old Silent Hill include Midwich Elementary School, Cafe 5to2, and Balkan Church.

Silent Hill

While driving his Jeep to Silent Hill, Harry Mason accidentally swerves off the side of a steep cliff while trying to avoid a figure on the road. He awakens with his Jeep crashed into a fence on the north end of Bachman Rd. and soon discovers his daughter is missing. The protagonist eventually sees her in the distance and follows her through an alley located on Finney St. However, he is overcome by monsters and soon awakens in Cafe 5to2. He meets Cybil Bennett, and after encountering yet another monster in the cafe, he backtracks to the alley to discover a message from Cheryl's scrapbook saying, "To School". Harry comes to the conclusion that Midwich Elementary School must be the school the message was referring to, and while exploring Old Silent Hill, discovers that all roads to the school are blocked. On the west end of Matheson St., Harry sees a message on the ground saying, "Doghouse Levin St.". Following the clue, he discovers a key inside of a dog house on Levin St. and unlocks the front door of the house. Inside the house, he discovers a map and a locked door that requires three keys.

After finding the three keys, Harry unlocks the door and makes his way to Midwich Elementary School. Inside, he finds monsters, but no sign of his daughter; however, he does briefly see Alessa Gillespie. Harry hears bells in the distance and correctly assumes that they are church bells. He makes his way through K. Gordon's house and into the Balkan Church. Harry meets Dahlia Gillespie here for the first time and also obtains the Flauros and the drawbridge key on the altar. He enters the Orridge Bridge Control Room and lowers the drawbridge to Central Silent Hill.

Landmarks and businesses

Finney Street



  • Crabs
  • Convenience Store 8 - corner of Bachman and Finney. Health items and a save notepad can be found here. After completing the game with a Good+ Ending and restarting in Next Fear mode, the player can also find the Channeling Stone behind the counter.

Food and Liquor.

  • Food & Liquor - This store sells eggs, milk, beer, wine, snacks, soft drinks, and chicken legs.
  • El Encanto
  • Metropol Theater - located on the corner of Bachman and Finney streets. This is modeled after the theater in Dario Argento's film, Demons.
  • Algernon is the name above a storefront on Finney St., but the outside gives no clues as to what kind of store it is. The name may be a reference to Algernon Blackwood, an English ghost story writer.
  • Fish 'n' Fries
  • Pharmacy
  • Book Store
  • High Life - This may be the name of a bar, or just a beer advertisement ("Miller High Life").
  • Virginia's Bridal is a bridal shop.

Bloch Street

Matheson St.


Ichiron's Drugs.




Julio's Auto Parts.

  • Julio's Auto Parts is an auto shop that advertises their sales on motor oil and U Joints on posters outside.
  • Horned Moon Dance
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee would seem to be a coffee shop.

Bachman Rd.

  • Cafe 5to2 is the cafe where Harry wakes up after his nightmare and meets Cybil for the first time in Silent Hill. It is where he gets the radio, the knife, a map of Old Silent Hill, and a health drink. He can also save there with the notepad. The cafe has a Medieval Madness pinball machine, a reference to Children of the Corn; a Portishead poster; and two "Study Dammit" posters, also a Stephen King reference.

Midwich St.

  • Midwich Elementary School is Silent Hill's elementary school. After finding Cheryl's notebook, which says "to school" in it, Harry goes there to look for her.

Bradbury St.

  • Silver Goods
  • Sundries Shop
  • Market - The sign has a picture of cheese and wine, along with the phone number 555-8101.
  • Top Sales
  • Mark Twain - This store sells books and gifts.


Bachman road final sh1

Comparison between text in Bachman sign in the demo version (left) and final version (right).

Demo Wrightwood Map

"Wrightwood" map from the demo.


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