This isn't some fucking movie...
—Payne discusses his relationship with Lauryn

Oliver Foch, known by the nickname Payne, is a character in the comic Dying Inside. He is the brother of Raymond Foch. Payne journeys to Silent Hill with Raymond and Lauryn LaRoache, whom he is having an affair with.


Payne, like his brother, is a high school student and member of an unknown junior varsity team. Unlike his brother, and perhaps most high school students, Payne is a large fan of Doris Day, and frequently records her movies, watching them in the early hours of the morning, often sobbing as he does. Payne believes no one knows about his guilty pleasure, but both Lauryn and Clown are aware of Payne's past time.

Payne fell in love with Lauryn, but she maintains that their relationship is only meant to be a fun distraction. Payne, however, believes that Lauryn does indeed love him.

Dying Inside

Payne is reviewing a tape with Clown, Hogg, and Lauryn when Lauryn decides to organize a trip to the abandoned town of Silent Hill, which is the subject of the footage. Once there, Payne initially keeps quite, sometimes commenting on the atmosphere of the town (saying it is creepier than his parents' bedroom), or to add occasional commentary. Payne and his friends break into smaller groups in order to better explore the town, with Payne, Lauryn, Clown, and Hogg forming one of the four groups. As they explore Silent Hill, Lauryn begins to hallucinate, but Payne is there for her when the illusion ends. Making sure she's alright, Payne begins to pepper Lauryn with questions regarding their secretive relationship and when she plans on informing Clown. Lauryn grows frustrated and tells Payne what they have is simply meant to be fun. This doesn't please Payne, but Clown arrives and prevents Payne from dragging the subject on.

As the group investigates a shopping center, Clown finds a working record player and starts up some music. The music, however, draws the attention of the monsters that infest to town and the group is forced to defend themselves. As the three young men fight their way out of the center, Lauryn is abducted. Clear of the monsters, Payne and the other two boys find themselves facing down Christabella LaRoache, Lauryn's undead sister and controller of Silent Hill. Before Christabella is able to harm the boys, help arrives in the form of Lauryn. Having been able to escape, Lauryn helps her friends avoid the wrath of Christabella.

As they flee, Payne and the others head into a sporting goods store, where they are able to equip themselves with shotguns and ammunition. Stocked up on supplies, the group is forced to fight off more creatures in order to escape the store. Once outside, Clown makes the decision to try and rescue what friends of theirs still live. Payne informs his brother that anyone there is already dead, as Lauryn had tried to reach them on their cell phones, only for something strange to answer instead, with screams in the background. Taking it in stride, Hogg suggests that leaves the lighthouse and Midwich Elementary School. Hogg decides to take the lighthouse, leaving the others with the school. Lauryn tries to protest, but is unable to convince Clown that splitting up is a bad move.

The trio climb into an abandoned vehicle and make their way to the school. En route, Payne tries to warn his brother that the monsters that attacked them in the store and the monsters with Christabella were different, but Clown only patronizes his brother. Payne implores him to pay attention, but Clown loses his patience and tells his brother that he's been paying attention, especially to him and Lauryn. Before Payne can express his indignation, a creature lands on the roof of the car and begins striking it. Payne fires a shotgun blast into the roof, which scares the creature away, for a moment. It soon lands on the hood and tries to break through the windshield. This forces Lauryn to ram the car into a tree before Clown is mauled by the monster. As they hit the tree, both brothers lose consciousness.

When Payne regains consciousness, he finds his friends, now undead thralls under Lauryn's control, fighting off Christabella's monsters. At that moment, a second group of monsters attempt to kill the Foch brothers. Using the opportunity to bend her sister to her will, Christabella refuses to allow Lauryn's thralls to protect the boys, unless Lauryn agrees to help her little sister. Seeing no other option, Lauryn agrees and Christabella orders her monsters to attack the newcomers. Lauryn then heads off to fulfill her sister's wishes.

With Lauryn gone, Payne tries to tell his brother about his relationship with Lauryn, but Clown assures his brother he feels no anger. He says Lauryn is unable to handle the love of both men, but doesn't wish to hurt either of them, only herself. As they talk, Christabella arrives to takes blood from the brothers. Her plan is to create copies of the boys, and use them as further leverage against Lauryn.

Far from the showdown, Payne and Clown are unaware of the events that begin to transpire until they come to an end. Having dispatched of the threat to Silent Hill, Lauryn transports the young men just beyond the borders of Silent Hill. She tells them she won't be leaving with them, pinches their cheeks, and heads back into town.

Payne and Clown are left standing alone and utterly confused.

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