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Order Soldiers are combat-disciplined members of a particular sect of the Order from Silent Hill: Homecoming, responsible for kidnapping several residents of Shepherd's Glen.

Alex Shepherd encounters them during his journey, first meeting them in combat at Toluca Lake Water and Power in Silent Hill.

They constitute a large portion of the very few human enemies faced in the entire Silent Hill series, along with Eddie Dombrowski, Curtis Ackers, Anne Marie CunninghamMargaret Holloway, and Patrick Napier.


Order Soldier models.

Members of the Order's combat group generally, if not exclusively, dress in various heavy clothing composed of mining equipment, hazmat gear, thick rubber gloves and various other heavy, protective clothing, providing them with makeshift armor. They wear gas masks, welding goggles, heavy helmets and even scuba gear wrapped in thick burlap. Their suits completely hide their bodies from outside forces. They also carry radios with them to keep in contact with their peers and superiors. They are all armed with metal pipes or rifles. Although not identical, they bear notable resemblance to the Brethren from the first Silent Hill film.


An Order Soldier armed with a pipe.

Although not necessarily formally trained in combat, they are still armed and fairly dangerous. Order Soldiers have more stamina and skill than most other enemies encountered. However, they are easier to stun and knock off balance. Order Soldiers are better at dodging as well, and fight exactly like Alex himself does. As such, they have access to counter-attacks and combos, and will exploit them if given the chance. They also shout when they find Alex, alerting all the others in the area, and often taunt him when in combat. Players must also be on guard when Order Soldiers are around; since they are not monsters, they will not cause the radio to emit static and thus have an easy time sneaking up on Alex.

Pipe-wielding Order Soldiers tend to rush Alex after spotting him and try to overwhelm him with combo-attacks, often knocking Alex down with the last swing. They are fairly adept at dodging single-strike attacks, so countering with the player's own counter-attacks and combos is the best way to deal with them. If melee fighting is preferred, the best way to avoid damage to Alex is by using a quicker weapon, such as the ceremonial dagger.

Rifle-toting Soldiers are more dangerous, as their slugs deal a good amount of damage, though they take a little while to set up a proper shot. Their close-range attacks are fairly dangerous too, as they whip out the butt-end of their rifles very quickly, causing quite a bit of damage. As such, the best way to deal with them is to counter with a firearm, and get the first shot.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

Alex fighting an Order Soldier.

Alex first meets this mysterious group after they invade his home and kidnap his mother. Alex escapes and, along with Deputy Wheeler and Elle Holloway, gives chase back to Silent Hill. Upon coming ashore, more Order Soldiers appear, and kidnap Wheeler and Elle, leaving Alex alone once again. Alex fights through their prison, where they execute his mother with a large rack-like device, and afterwards fights through the Otherworld version of the Order's church. Alex briefly disguises himself as an Order Soldier to safely bypass some steam vents, but Curtis Ackers identifies him very quickly and knocks him unconscious on the way to their lair. He escapes again, killing Curtis along the way and saving Elle (and Wheeler, depending on the player's actions) before going on to the final confrontation.

If the player obtains the Drowning ending, Alex's bloody and gas mask-clad Order Soldier costume is unlocked for permanent use. Order Soldiers will still attack him on sight, however.

Defeating an Order Soldier for the first time in the Xbox 360 version unlocks the "Out of Order" Achievement.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Brethren members in Revelation.

A live action version of the Order Soldiers appear in Silent Hill: Revelation. Here, the Order Soldiers serve a similar role to that seen in the game. Unlike the first Silent Hill film, the miner-clad cultists in Revelation are members of the Order, whereas the cult seen in the first film was not originally intended to be the same cult as the Order.

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