The Orion Hunting Lodge is a large cabin that Harry Mason finds and searches while in the woods in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Harry also receives a call from Cybil Bennett few walks away from it.

The appearance of the first room changes according to Harry's Psych Profile. It may take on the appearance of a subtle lodge room, and have a taxidermied bear standing up in the corner and many photos on the walls, including one frame of butterflies similar to Alessa Gillespie's collection in the first game. Alternately, it may have a reddish glow and the room will be bloody and mostly empty, with a dead bear on the table that is disemboweled and crudely chained up.

The second room contains bunk beds, empty beer bottles, pill bottles, and condoms. The "Moveable Feast" memento is in the cabinet on the wall here. Harry then can access the porch on the back of the lodge.

The rooms on the other side of the lodge are a room with a fireplace, couches, and a desk containing the "A Broken Ward" memento, and another room with a sink. Above the sink, Harry can photograph a dead deer ghost and get the Joel Jr. message.


  • "Every Story Ends in Death" is written in the cabinet containing the "Moveable Feast" memento.
  • There is a "Broken Ward" memento in a drawer there, and if checked closely the player will be able to see "Safety Flashlight" written on the memento.
  • A UFO can be photographed on the second playthrough. It is lying on a barrel outside the lodge.


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