Silent Hill OST - Over

Silent Hill OST - Over

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Akira Yamaoka
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Over is a song from Silent Hill. The song is track 5 in the Silent Hill soundtrack and was composed by Akira Yamaoka. The first half plays after Harry Mason leaves the Levin St. House in the darkness. The second half plays in Central Silent Hill after completing Alchemilla Hospital and going to Green Lion Antiques.

The track begins very quietly with what appears to be the sound of the wind or gentle howling, and then a dull horn or plane can be heard at 0:50. Siren-type noises are added and the sounds slowly become louder. Then, it quickly builds to a crescendo of rhythmic banging and clanging in water, grows quiet quickly, then the banging begins again, becoming louder, which suddenly disappears to be left with the sirens, which also abruptly come to a halt as the track ends.

"Over" is more than just an amalgam of industrial sounds; it represents not only the jarred and twisted environment, but also what Harry Mason may be experiencing as he treads through the town. The track picks up and quietens very quickly, adding apprehension and an unnerving atmosphere to Harry's already-troubled state.

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