Three bags of PTV in the Indian Runner safe.

PTV is a recreational drug used by tourists and citizens of Silent Hill. Cybil Bennett makes a reference to drug-trafficking in Silent Hill and proposes this as a possible reason for the strange and very avid claims of a local woman, Dahlia Gillespie. Lisa Garland was a heavy user of PTV, and Michael Kaufmann was distributing it at one point with the assistance of Norman Young.

PTV is purported to be made from an indigenous plant, White Claudia. It was a plant that grew on river banks and lake shores, notable for its long, oval-shaped leaves and pure white flowers. The seeds were known to have hallucinogenic properties and were often sought after for use in ancient religious ceremonies, but now it was more common refine the seeds into PTV. It was popular with the tourists in Silent Hill for a time, which led police efforts to attempt to shut down the local traffickers to help clean up the resort town's image. It is also likely that this psychedelic drug is meant to help members of the Order to communicate with the spirit guides and spiritual realm.

References to PTV and White Claudia can be found throughout the game series.

File 8: White Claudia Report

Location: Office, Silent Hill Police Station (on blackboard).

"Product only available in select areas of Silent Hill.
Raw material is White Claudia, a plant peculiar to the region.
Manufactured here? Dealer = Manufacturer?"

File 12: Newspaper Article

Location: Norman Young's motel.

'PTV' dealers still at large.
Suspicious deaths continue.
Like the anti-drug mayor, a narcotics officer dies of sudden heart failure of origin unknown."

File 14: White Claudia Description

Location: Third floor, Nowhere room.

Perennial herb found near water.
Reaches height of 10 to 15 inches.
Oblong leaves, white blossoms.
Seeds contain hallucinogen.
Ancient records show it was used for religious ceremonies.
The hallucinogenic effect was key."




  • PTV is one of the many "in-jokes" made by the developers, as PTV is a reference to the band Psychic TV.
    • A room in Nowhere contains boxes of the drug labeled as "PSYCHICK TV".

Harry finds drugs.

  • In Silent Hill, in the storage room in the alternate Alchemilla Hospital where Harry can pick up the blood pack, there are several bottles on the shelves. Upon examining them, Harry will state, "There's a bottle filled with some kind of drug. Better leave it." It is possible it was PTV.
  • The drug possibly causes memory loss and manic behavior, as exhibited by Lisa, who is a known PTV addict. Lisa is even shown performing sexual favors in Riverside Motel to obtain the drug.
  • The parasite seems to be weak to Aglaophotis, which is shown to completely reverse the parasite's effects on Monster Cybil. It is also implied that Aglaophotis is made from White Claudia, suggesting White Claudia may be the ingredient which attacks the parasite.[1] PTV is produced from White Claudia as well, which may be the reason Lisa didn't transform as soon as her co-workers.
  • Travis Grady may have been drugged with PTV in the Bad ending of Silent Hill: Origins.
  • In Silent Hill 2, Maria may be a PTV addict. Maria is seen swallowing a pill in the hospital, and its bottle appears to say "white" on it, which may be White Claudia, seemingly affirming this speculation.
  • It is possible PTV is the white liquid in the White Chrism.
  • In Silent Hill 4: The Room, there are bottles "filled with black powder" in the Water Prison, a base of the Order. This may be PTV.
  • In Silent Hill: Homecoming, when Alex Shepherd wakes up on the shore, plants that fit the description of White Claudia can be seen growing.
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