The diary found on the hospital roof.

A Patient's Diary can be found on the roof of Brookhaven Hospital in Silent Hill 2. Reading it increases the chances of obtaining the "In Water" ending.

It was presumably written by a patient at the hospital who was suffering from depression, though the real author of the diary is unknown. It has been theorized that it may belong to Angela Orosco or Mary Shepherd-Sunderland, although it has been confirmed Mary did not stay at Brookhaven, disproving this theory. Silent Hill 2: The Novel mentions Angela went to a "far away hospital" and was prescribed drugs, and the side effects were torturous on her (a line from the diary reads, "The meds made me feel sick today"), supporting the Angela theory.

A line from the diary reads, "Would they have saved me if I didn't have a family to feed?". Jeremy Blaustein seems to have taken quite a liberty when translating this sentence, as the Japanese script reads, "Would they have saved me if there was no one who would grieve for me?".


"May 9
Stared out the window all day.
Peaceful here — nothing to do.
Still not allowed to go outside.

May 10
Still raining.
Talked with the doctor a little.
Would they have saved me if
I didn't have a family to feed?
I know I'm pathetic, weak.
Not everyone can be strong.

May 11
Rain again.
The meds made me feel sick
If I'm only better when I'm
drugged, then who am I anyway?

May 12
Rain as usual.
I don't want to cause any more
trouble for anyone, but I'm a
bother either way.
Can it really be a such a sin to
run instead of fight?
Some people may say so, but they
don't have to live in my shoes.
It may be selfish, but it's what
I want.
It's too hard like this.
It's just too hard...

May 13
It's clear outside.
The doctors told me I've been
released — that I've got to go
I --------------"
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