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The pillar with the three dials.

This article is a guide for a Silent Hill: Homecoming puzzle.

The Penitentiary Riddles is a puzzle found within Overlook Penitentiary in Silent Hill: Homecoming. It is located in the Otherworld prison in Silent Hill. It must be solved in order to proceed.

The puzzle consists of a series of riddles on a pillar in the middle of the room, inside of which there appears to be a giant, organic creature. There are three dials and a hole located on the pillar's sides. All three dials must be properly positioned, with the correct choice facing upwards, before reaching into the hole. If the player has made an incorrect choice, Alex Shepherd will be damaged by the beast and will immediately be confronted by a Needler.


Riddle 1

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I stand beside the holy man
The monarchs fear my wrath
None may move the way I can
Ever the crooked path

The choices given are all chess pieces. The answer is the knight.

  • He stands beside the "holy man," the bishop.
  • He moves in a "crooked" L-shaped path no other piece can have.
  • "The monarch fears (his) wrath" refers to the fact check mate can easily be achieved with your knights still on the board.

Riddle 2

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The man who devised it
Does not want it
The man who bought it
Does not use it
The man who used it
Does not realize it

Some choices on the dial can be identified: a skull and crossbones, a coffin, a knife, and a set of bars. The answer is the coffin.

  • The man who built the coffin doesn't want it
  • The man who bought the coffin won't be using it for himself
  • The man in the coffin cannot realize it for he is dead

Riddle 3

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What man loves more than life
Fears more than death or mortal strife
What poor men have, the rich acquire
And all contented men desire
What misers spend and the wastrels save
And each man carries to his grave?

This riddle is arguably the more complex of the three. The choices given are: a heart ("love"), a Ω symbol ("omega", or "end"), a $ symbol ("money"), an empty space ("nothing") and a clock ("time"). The answer is nothing.

  • The poor man has nothing
  • Contented men want nothing
  • Misers (one who hoards) spend nothing


  • The outcome of reaching into the hole without the correct answers is similar to the scene in the hospital where Alex reaches in a hole to retrieve Robbie the Rabbit, only that it does not result in instant death.
  • Sometimes, the game may glitch and accept the bishop instead of knight.[1]
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