Perkins was a minor character from Hunger. He was employed at the Silent Hill Gazette and worked with Douglas Brenneman as a newsroom aide. He was often accused of being lazy.


Though he worked at the Gazette in a newsroom position, Perkins apparently lacked any kind of work ethic and was often accused of being a slacker and a tail-dragger. His exact newsroom duties are unknown, but mail delivery is known to be among them.



Perkins, in monster form, hands Douglas a phone.

Perkins is first seen when Doug and Mario return from the scene of a double murder. Mario begins laying into Doug because the reporter is refusing to write up a preliminary article on the murder. As Mario yells, his attention turns to Perkins. He asks the aide what it is he wants, exactly, but Perkins has forgotten. When Mario's anger has no effect on Doug, the editor moves on and Perkins returns to his duties, but comes back to Doug's desk shortly after, holding a package for the reporter.

His next appearance occurs shortly after Silent Hill falls under the influence of the Fog World. Doug is trying his hardest to reach his fiance while trying to organizing a research file on a mysterious individual. Frustrated, Doug decides to leave the Gazette early and leaves Perkins in charge of the file, telling him its a chance to prove he isn't lazy. Before anymore can be said, however, the lights in the Gazette offices go out and Perkins undergoes a transformation. Now a tail-dragging monster, Perkins hands Doug a phone while he comments that, if eating didn't seem like so much work, he would have consumed Douglas. Perkins then walks off, with his tail dragging behind him.

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