Phil is a minor character who appears in Dying Inside, Issue 1. He is a former colleague of Troy Abernathy.


Phil, like Troy, is a doctor in the field of psychiatry. Appearing to have known Abernathy for quite some time, he expresses regret that Troy had abandoned his practice after his late wife, Julianna, committed suicide. He considers it a shame that such a well-respected authority in the field would abandon his pro-bono work, which helped those who benefited most from it, to travel the country with trillionaire land-developers and twenty-million-dollar-a-picture actors.

Dying Inside


Phil is very appreciative of Troy's help.

Feeling an unfulfilled earning of an eight-figure paycheck as an author, Troy Abernathy returns a call to Phil about a patient. Phil, having had this patient in his care for over a year, is perplexed by the fact that the girl, Lynn DeAngelis, has failed to respond to any attempted treatments. Giving Troy a short lecture on wasting his talents as an author, Phil is elated that Abernathy is still determined to take the case.

After hugging his friend in excitement, the older doctor advises Troy to be open in his way of thinking, as certain details of the case are unclear.

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