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Play Novel: Silent Hill is an adaptation of the original Silent Hill for the Game Boy Advance in the form of a visual novel released exclusively in Japan.

The game has been translated and adapted into different ports by fans.


Play Novel: Silent Hill is an interactive story. At certain moments, the game asks the player to choose between two or more possible options which can affect the rest of the story. Besides the narration, the game features some puzzles and multiple endings. After reaching the end, a player is awarded Digital Trading Cards - 32 in total for all scenarios.

The game offers two main scenarios: one for Harry Mason and one for Cybil Bennett, available after completing Harry's scenario. There were also four additional scenarios available for download in Japan, which followed a boy named Andy, Harry and Cheryl's neighbor. However, Konami has since ended the download service.


  • Over the years, fans have mistakenly referred to this game as the Silent Hill: Play Novel. However, the Japanese subtitle on the logo reads Play Novel: Silent Hill.

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