The Prisoners are two unseen monsters found in Toluca Prison in Silent Hill 2. They are located in one cell in each of the prison keeping hallways and seem to chant "ritual" in a deep, monstrous voice. Although the radio does not emit static in their presence, the Book of Lost Memories nonetheless identifies them as monsters.[1]

Although the player cannot physically see them, this does not stop James Sunderland from readying a weapon, attacking and even killing the creatures using a firearm. However, they are completely harmless and James is in no danger from the creatures whatsoever. They emit a very human-like cry if killed.


Silent Hill 2 Invisible Prison Monster Camhack

Silent Hill 2 Invisible Prison Monster Camhack

Video of the Prisoner's cell.

The Prisoners seem to chant "ritual". It's unclear why these Prisoners are there.

  • One prevalent theory is that the Prisoners were discussing a ritual involving inmates being sacrificed by the executioners of the prison (the Valtiel sect of the Order).
  • They could be referring to the "Rebirth" ending. When "ritual" is reversed, it sounds like "Are you sure?". This could represent James's conflicting thoughts on whether or not he should perform the ritual for Mary's resurrection. Similarly, "The Reverse Will", the ending music of the "Rebirth" ending, contains subliminal messages that can only be heard when the song is reversed.
  • The Prisoner could represent Mary, as it is a defenseless being entrapped in a room and James (depending on the player's action) puts it out of its misery.
  • The Prisoners could also represent James himself, given his guilt for murdering his wife, which left him as a "prisoner" to his own shame.



  1. Book of Lost Memories - Monsters


"Are you sure?"
"Ritual" reversed
SH2 Prison Monster
The Prisoner's voice chanting "ritual"
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