The protagonist is the main character in P.T.. The protagonist's name is never given in or out of game and has no dialogue.


The protagonist serves as a proxy for the player, so the character itself doesn't express much of his personality in-game.


At the start of P.T., the protagonist is seen waking up in a dark room, possibly having been kidnapped. He then gets out to find a narrow hallway which appears to be in a loop. The hallway is also connected to a bathroom containing a moving fetus in the sink.

On the radio, a news broadcast details on how two families were slaughtered by their respective fathers. It is unknown if the protagonist is a part of any of the murders.

Later on after the protagonist solves the last puzzle and flees from Lisa, he finds himself in the streets, alone and confused. He walks a few steps before looking back to where he was. The protagonist then starts to walk off.


Prtgnst Main 001

The protagonist's model.

  • The protagonist's model was modeled after Norman Reedus, a famous actor known for The Walking Dead. It was planned for Norman to voice the protagonist. However, he was unable to due to the game's cancellation in 2015.