The Puppet Doctor (also known as Monsterized Doctor) is an enemy appearing in Silent Hill.[1] It is affected by the same parasite as the Puppet Nurse.


They are possessed by the same parasite infesting the Puppet Nurses, causing them to also have a similar hunchbacked appearance. They wear standard hospital gear, including a white lab coat and tie.


They are hunched over like a puppet and attack with knives. They are few and far between in the Otherworld version of Alchemilla Hospital, appearing only on the first floor. The Puppet Doctors make terrible groaning noises and when defeated let out a long sigh. They are stronger than Nurses, but they are also slower. It is best to use the hammer on them.


The parasite infecting the doctors and nurses could possibly represent Alessa Gillespie's feeling that the entire hospital was being controlled like puppets under the influence of the cult and the drug PTV, which Michael Kaufmann was supplying. They may also represent Alessa's hatred of doctors, which was caused by her confinement in her hospital room. The parasite may be representative of Alessa's feeling toward God within her, or may yet be products of God itself attacking the townspeople, as Aglaophotis is effective against them.


  • To date, these are the only male medical staff to appear as enemies in the Silent Hill franchise; in later games, the hospital-based monsters are all female. It should be noted, the Puppet Doctors do appear in the mobile Silent Hill, but as that game follows the same plot line as the PlayStation game, it is not considered an original appearance.
  • The regular enemy fought on Silent Hill: Mobile 2 resembles the Puppet Doctor and the Puppet Nurse. It is quite possible this unnamed enemy is based on them, as Mobile 2 takes place in a clinic.


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