Pyramid Head or Red Pyramid Thing is a monster (and in two cases, a duo of monsters) that debuted in Silent Hill 2 as one of the primary antagonists. Since its creation, Pyramid Head has become one of the most well-known and iconic monsters in the franchise, turning into something of a mainstream and flagship figurehead for the series.

It is more likely that Pyramid Head is a type of monster rather than a single entity, given two Pyramid Heads fight side-by-side at the end of Silent Hill 2, and there could have been many more wandering the town of Silent Hill, Maine.

Pyramid Head has been called various names throughout his many appearances in various media. In official Japanese resources, his name is translated into English as "Red Pyramid Thing", based on James Sunderland's description of the monster while meeting Eddie Dombrowski for the first time. However, his full name is just as often shorted to "Pyramid Head". In other media, he has been called Red Pyramid, as well as the Bogeyman and the Shadowed One.

Apart from Silent Hill 2, Pyramid Head has made his main appearances in the video games Silent Hill: Homecoming, Silent Hill: The Arcade, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories, with cameo appearances in Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Downpour. They also appear in the films Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation, the comics, and the Silent Hill pachislot.

They are usually portrayed as, at the most basic, violent monsters. A deeper meaning given to them explains their existences as deliverers of punishment and executioners of sinful humans. In Silent Hill 2, one Pyramid Head proves his acts of aggression are not aimed solely at humans, as he has also brought harm to the other creatures that inhabit Silent Hill.


Basic design and inspiration

Ito pyramidhead 16

Early Pyramid Head inspiration.

Masahiro Ito, the monster designer of Silent Hill 2 as well as the original game and its sequel, created art of a mechanical creature with a geometrical-shaped head while studying at the Tama Art University in 1995. This would later help serve to inspire Pyramid Head's design.

Pyramid Head's helmet is inspired by a German experimental ramjet-powered interceptor designed in 1944 known as the Lippisch P.13a.[1] The edges of the helmet is inspired by the skirt of the lower hull of the German tank "King Tiger" in World War II.[2]

Pyramid Head concept

Ito's original Pyramid Head design.

For Silent Hill 2, Ito wanted a monster with a hidden face to make it less human and more disturbing. His first idea was a monster with a mask, but he realized that it was nothing more than a human garbed in a simple facial disguise. He then took the concept further, giving the creature a head in the shape of a triangle with sharp right angles and acute edges that suggest the possibility of pain.

In all forms, Pyramid Head's appearance is that of a large, muscular human and typically is seen wielding the Great Knife or Great Spear. The appearance of the frightening monster is based off the executioners that plagued the juncture of lofty occult activity in Silent Hill's history.

Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head Concept

Ito's finalized Pyramid Head design.

In Silent Hill 2, they don a white robe-like outfit resembling a butcher's apron with no sleeves, seemingly rubber gloves, and what appears to potentially be mostly fused fingers; however, under close inspection, his digits are not entirely one mesh, as his thumbs are independent. Although his four other fingers are still vaguely discernible, the fact that they never separate in-between suggests the fused state, yet another possibility of affliction incarnated into the creature. Their iconic pyramid-shaped helmets look to be a rusty hunk of metal grafted onto their head, with a single hole drilled into the upper side. A tentacle or tongue-like appendage can snake out of this hole while choking.

Film series


Red Pyramid in Midwich Elementary School.

In the films Silent Hill and Silent Hill: Revelation, Red Pyramid's appearance is somewhat different from the game.

  • In Silent Hill 2, his height rivaled James's. However, in the film series, he is around seven feet (2.1m) tall, meaning he is approximately one foot (30cm) taller.
  • His helmet is a black and girded hexagon, six-sided version instead of the seven-sided one in the game, and it appears much more sharp. According to director Christophe Gans, the change is because it was impossible for the actor to wear the helmet from the game.
    • The basic design principle of the game is still present: the helmet appears painful to wear. However, in contrast to the game, Pyramid Head makes no struggling gestures with his helmet.
  • Pyramid Head's hands are also different, showing individual digits as fingers instead of the fused palm in Silent Hill 2, and he also has no gloves.
  • In the film, his apron is worn from the waist down, exposing his torso, and appears to be made of sewn human flesh.
  • In Silent Hill: Revelation, Pyramid Head wields a giant cleaver that may have been a nod to the Butcher. He uses the cleaver in the hospital during the arm-hacking scene.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The physical appearance of the Bogeyman from Silent Hill: Homecoming is largely based on the Pyramid Head featured in the film adaptation, with a few minor differences:

  • His forearms appear to be soaked in blood.
  • His waist seems to have individual "belts".
  • His helmet is slightly lighter in color than the film version.
  • The knife he wields is also serrated with a tapered point, so that it resembles an enlarged combat knife.

Game appearances

Silent Hill 2

PH render

Pyramid Head as he appears in Silent Hill 2.

Pyramid Head makes his initial appearance in the Wood Side Apartments. After hearing a horrified shriek, protagonist James Sunderland finds him emanating an obscure, reddish aura standing behind a wall of bars that separates the two. He does not move or react to James in any way whatsoever. At first it seems that his presence causes the radio to emit static. However, the source of the white noise is more likely to be the television in Room 208, seeing as after this encounter, no static noise is ever heard in his presence.


Pyramid Head abusing two Mannequins.

Pyramid Head is encountered again in Room 307, engaged in an aggressive act with two Mannequin monsters. Due to their positions, combined with how Pyramid Head is holding one of the monsters, this scene suggests a form of sexual violence, although no physical penetration is actually seen. Soon after, Pyramid Head releases his grip on the monsters, and both Mannequins appear to die in turn.

Pyramid Head can then be seen dragging one of the Mannequins towards James, who is hiding in a closet. Pyramid Head stops briefly, only for the Mannequin to thrash with life, shortly before "dying" again. As Pyramid Head loses interest in the Mannequin, he clutches an edge of his helmet while he "senses" the area with his other hand; it is unknown whether this is a sign of pain, or if it is actually a manner of scanning the area. Either way, James, who feels his life is in danger, finds ammunition on a nearby shelf and begins firing his pistol at Pyramid Head. Pyramid Head cries out in an unnatural way and then lumbers for the exit. James later identifies it as "that red pyramid thing" when meeting Eddie Dombrowski.


Pyramid Head assaulting a Lying Figure.

Later on, in the stairwell of the Blue Creek Apartments, he is carrying his signature weapon, the Great Knife, an over-sized blade not unrelated in design to Angela Orosco's knife (despite obvious size differences). During this encounter, Pyramid Head is seen holding a Lying Figure in a sexually suggestive and contorted position; one of them moans, though it is unclear whether it is Pyramid Head out of apparent sexual gratification, or the Lying Figure out of distress. Once Pyramid Head sees James, he releases the Lying Figure, which dies on the spot, and he immediately attacks James, engaging in a boss battle.

The boss isn't too difficult should the player be conscious of keeping space between James and the creature; Pyramid Head has an instant death kill move, so it is recommend to stay far away from him. He also has a horizontal swipe move that does considerable damage, but does not one-shot. The general strategy is for James to stay in the corner of the wall, running to the opposing one as the boss draws too near, while firing at Pyramid Head with the handgun during this safe time to do so. If the player wishes to conserve ammo, they may choose to simply avoid Pyramid Head, as the fight will end after a set period of time, though the fight ends quicker if the handgun is used; the time limit depends upon the difficulty setting and varies between one minute on Easy and up to an hour on Hard. The fight is cut short when a siren blares, prompting Pyramid Head to walk away, opening a door that James must follow him out of. It is still important to keep a wide berth from him while Pyramid Head evacuates; should the player be too close, Pyramid Head will turn around and attack James.

Pyramid Head makes his next appearance on the roof of Brookhaven Hospital, in which he seemingly appears from nowhere and pushes James through a weak fence.

The next time he is seen, he has abandoned his knife in favor of a spear. He chases Maria and James through a fabricated underground corridor beneath the hospital, although his attacks are focused solely on Maria. Maria may die here if she receives too much damage; James can shoot Pyramid Head through a fenced window in one section to temporarily slow Pyramid Head down, a useful tactic if the player is aiming for the "Maria" ending. James reaches the elevator at the end of the hallway unscathed, but its doors close on Maria, who is impaled and apparently killed by Pyramid Head's spear.


Misty day, remains of the Judgment.

A macabre painting of Pyramid Head with a spear in hand and caged victims in the foreground, titled Misty day, remains of the Judgment, can be observed in the Silent Hill Historical Society before entering Toluca Prison. As Pyramid Head is an image conjured by James's subconscious, it likely does not exist in the real world. Upon examining it, James mutters, "It's him..."

Later on, an invincible Pyramid Head can be found patrolling two areas of the labyrinth, somewhere beneath the penitentiary. Although he will attack James if he gets too close, he does not pursue him. James can steal the Great Knife, which is stashed in a small room within the labyrinth.


Pyramid Heads kill Maria in front of James.

Pyramid Head makes his final appearance in the Lakeview Hotel, along with a second Pyramid Head that may symbolize James's guilt for Maria's death in the hospital. They kill a resurrected Maria for the third and last time before coming down to James's level and initiating combat. The general strategy is to equip the rifle and run into the corners of the room.[2]

It is a lengthy fight, but after taking enough damage from James, the Pyramid Heads impale themselves with their own spears, as they are no longer needed for the remainder of James's journey in Silent Hill because he has overcome his desire to be punished and reached acceptance of what he had committed. Each of them holds an egg which James needs to continue. One Pyramid Head holds the rust-colored egg (possibly symbolizing a sickly, disfigured Mary), while the other holds the scarlet egg (possibly representing the sultrier, more glamorous Maria).

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Silent Hill The Arcade Scene 4

Silent Hill The Arcade Scene 4

Pyramid Head in The Arcade.

Pyramid Head is featured as a boss in Silent Hill: The Arcade. His appearance is reminiscent of his Silent Hill 2 incarnation, but his knife has a white-edged blade.

In Brookhaven Hospital, he is surrounded by hundreds of Creepers. His attacks can only be avoided if a certain amount of damage is dealt to him before he strikes. His helmet acts as a shield, and it is futile to shoot at it; the best place to shoot is just under the helmet or around the rim. He will kill Jessie if Eric and Tina do not defeat him in time. If the player successfully defeats Pyramid Head, the Otherworld transitions back to the Fog World, and Jessie is saved.

Later on, he appears during a hallucination scene in Brookhaven Hospital and then at the ruins of Wish House Orphanage.

Aside from his physical appearance in the game, a painting of him is present in the Silent Hill Historical Society, but is different from the one featured in Silent Hill 2, while a gold coin that the player can obtain by shooting him displays his image.

Silent Hill: Origins


A painting of Pyramid Head.

A picture of Pyramid Head with a spear in each hand can be found in the burning Gillespie house at the dawn of the game. The mystery of why it was placed in the Gillespie house is never revealed, as Pyramid Head has never been associated with the family (excluding in Silent Hill: Revelation). It is possible that the painting is simply an easter egg with no meaning behind it. However, Travis Grady does comment upon examination that it makes him want to "stop and look".

There is also a child's crayon drawing of what appears to be Pyramid Head, complete with the Great Knife, on a wall in the female seclusion room of the Cedar Grove Sanitarium. There are multiple drawings all around the room.

Pyramid Head appears on the cover of the game's soundtrack. Masahiro Ito notes that this is not James's Pyramid Head, but rather another Pyramid Head in a different world.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

The Bogeyman has a minor, albeit important, role in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Much like the Pyramid Heads were to James Sunderland and the Butcher was to Travis Grady, his role is a physical manifestation of Adam Shepherd's remorse; he failed to follow through with a vital pact in Shepherd's Glen, and because of this, the town fell into ruin due to the wrath of the local cult's god.

Although unseen, the Bogeyman makes himself known to Alex Shepherd in the game's introductory level, Alchemilla Hospital. His first action is the murder of the doctor who wheels Alex into the operation theater. As the player progresses through the hospital, a grinding noise can be heard periodically. Presumably, this is the Bogeyman dragging his knife across the floor. As the first level ends, Alex enters an elevator, following his brother. As it comes to a stop, the Bogeyman's knife plunges through the still-closed elevator door toward Alex. The scene then transitions to a truck cab and an awakened Alex, revealing that he was dreaming.

Pyramid HeadHC1

The Bogeyman looking at Alex Shepherd.

The Bogeyman only appears physically twice to Alex. He is first encountered in a cutscene in the Grand Hotel in Silent Hill; seen dragging his knife down a hallway and being trailed by insects (similar to the film), he turns to face Alex, who has hidden himself behind a pile of rubble. The Bogeyman turns away and continues walking down the hall. Much later, within the Church of the Holy Way, he appears a final time and executes Adam, cutting him in half lengthwise right before Alex's eyes.


The Bogeymen punishing Alex Shepherd.

In the "Judgment" ending, Alex is bound to a chair with Bogeymen approaching from both sides of him. Each bears a piece of helmet identical to their own, internally lined with long, sharp spikes. Alex screams as they attach the pieces to him, transforming him into one of them. This may represent Alex embracing the darkness within him that the Bogeyman represents, as to obtain the ending the player must commit "evil" actions (refusing to mercy kill Lillian Shepherd, refusing to forgive Adam, and not healing Deputy Wheeler). With this ending, the Bogeyman costume is unlocked.

The Bogeyman is also mentioned in a series of child's drawings found throughout the course of the game. Each drawing has part of a gruesome poem on the back, which was possibly told to the children of Shepherd's Glen by their parents to cover up for the disappearances of their friends.

Silent Hill: Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour - Ending E - "Surprise!"

Silent Hill Downpour - Ending E - "Surprise!"

Pyramid Head's cameo in Downpour.

In Silent Hill: Downpour, Pyramid Head makes a cameo in the joke ending, showing up to cut the cake at Murphy Pendleton's surprise birthday party. He slowly walks into the room, dragging his Great Knife behind him and slices the cake in two, but also cuts through the table the cake is on in the process. He is identical to his Silent Hill 2 appearance, although his Great Knife is noticeably smaller, which is probably due to Murphy's close proximity to the table in question.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Pyramid Head in Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Pyramid Head appears in Silent Hill: Book of Memories, a spin-off installment, as a type of enemy. They are hostile to the protagonist.

In this game, Pyramid Head seems to be lifting his Great Knife waist-height in front of him, carrying and swinging it with much greater ease instead of dragging it behind him. Both he and the Great Knife are conspicuously bloody, instead of having the rust-like, indeterminate stains from previous games.

The player can wield his Great Knife and Great Spear as a weapon, as well as wear a "Pyramid Mask", which is Pyramid Head's helmet, as an accessory.

If the player's affinity is Neutral, the TV in the protagonist's bed room will show a picture of "Red Pyramid's Kart Jam! 3000!!!"

Silent Hill (pachislot)

Pyramid Head appears in the pachislot based on Silent Hill 2.

Film appearances

Silent Hill

Silent Hill - Pyramid Head

Silent Hill - Pyramid Head

Red Pyramid assaults Rose, Cybil and Anna.

Red Pyramid appears in the Silent Hill film, which is set in a different continuity from the games, where he acts as a tenacious antagonist encountered by Rose Da Silva while looking for her daughter, Sharon Da Silva, in Silent Hill, West Virginia.

In Midwich Elementary School, Red Pyramid, followed by hundreds of Creepers, uses his Great Knife weapon to fillet a thick steel door in a failed attempt to kill Rose and Cybil Bennett.

He later appears on the church steps and assaults Anna, lifting her up using only one arm, then tears off her dress, grabs her chest, and rips off her skin in a single movement, tossing it at the church door directly behind Rose and Cybil.

Silent Hill: Revelation

Red Pyramid returns in Silent Hill: Revelation. Physically, he appears very similar to his visual from the first film, although much more muscular. Christopher Da Silva writes that Red Pyramid is Alessa Gillespie's "guardian and executioner" and that he will kill anyone who tries to harm her.

Silent Hill Revelation - Red Pyramid

Silent Hill Revelation - Red Pyramid

Red Pyramid dismembering prisoners.

Sharon Da Silva, now known as the manifestation of Alessa's goodness and purity, sees Red Pyramid in a dream. Later on, she finds herself trapped in Brookhaven Asylum, with hundreds of prisoners trying to drag her into their cells. Frightened, she screams for help, and Red Pyramid comes and chops at the arms to stop them from hurting her and then departs.


Red Pyramid at the Order's sanctuary.

He later appears on the carousel at Lakeside Amusement Park, where he is chained to the carousel and turns it manually. When he senses that Sharon/Heather is being threatened by Claudia Wolf, he breaks his chains and rushes to her aid. He fights with Claudia's monster form, who stabs him in the stomach and rips his helmet. Finally, Red Pyramid decapitates Claudia with his Great Knife, takes a lingering glance over to Sharon/Heather, then wanders away.

The last scene of Red Pyramid occurs after the credits, in which he is briefly seen dragging his Great Knife.

In Silent Hill: Revelation, Pyramid Head wields two separate weapons: his classic Great Knife, and a giant cleaver that may have been a nod to the Butcher. He uses the cleaver in the hospital during the arm-hacking scene.


Fukuro Silent Hill

Fukuro Silent Hill


Fukuro is a short 3-minute film that includes Pyramid Head. It features 3D footage from Silent Hill 2, along with other abstract imagery and sounds. It includes Pyramid Head doing sexual poses with Fukuro Lady, Lying Figures, and Mannequins.

Comic appearances

  • Dying Inside - In Issue 5, Whately can be seen with a horde of Pyramid Head-like silhouettes standing behind him.
  • Paint It Black - As Ike Isaacs helps a squad of cheerleaders escape Silent Hill, a trio of Pyramid Head-esque monsters can be seen in pursuit.
  • Dead/Alive - Numerous Pyramid Heads wander the streets of Silent Hill as the Otherworld overlaps with the Real World.
  • Sinner's Reward - When Finn Conway is about to kill Jack Stanton in retaliation for attempting to run off with his wife and allowing her to be killed, a Pyramid Head runs him through with the Great Knife. Tom Waltz, writer of the story, later regretted including Pyramid Head in the comic, and he said, "When I had Pyramid Head in the first comic, I was just thinking of creatures. But I didn't realize creatures had a purpose. In hindsight, I know better."[3]
  • White Hunter - Pyramid Head serves as the title character in this short comic and looks very similar to his Silent Hill 2 counterpart.


Valtiel and the Valtiel sect of executioners


Valtiel depicted in Silent Hill 3.

The Pyramid Heads' physical appearance is influenced by Valtiel's existence, and their outfit was the guise of Silent Hill's executioners. There are many physical similarities between Pyramid Head and Valtiel, such as their executioner garbs and gloves.[4] Pyramid Head is modeled after Valtiel, and "his" (unknown if referring to Pyramid Head, Valtiel, or both) form is seen differently depending on the person.[5] Pyramid Head takes the shape of Valtiel's reason for existence, meaning Pyramid Head was born from the Order's idolatrous ideologies.[6]

Valtiel Sect

The Pyramid Heads were modeled after Valtiel, as well as members of the Valtiel sect. This picture is called Crimson and White Banquet for the Gods.

The Valtiel sect of the Order, which revered the angel Valtiel as being closest to God, wore red hoods and white robes in homage to him and acted as executioners. Pyramid Head's helmet bears a resemblance to the red hoods, referencing his role as an "executioner" of sorts. However, the helmet is also designed to appear extremely uncomfortable, acting as a torture device as well as a symbol of authority.

It has also been theorized whether or not Pyramid Head is Xuchilbara, a demi-god of the Order. Masahiro Ito verified that Pyramid Head and Xuchilbara have no connections.[7]

Silent Hill 2

The Pyramid Heads serve as a manifestation of James's unfulfilled desire for punishment for Mary Shepherd-Sunderland's death, as well as his guilt.

The reason why the Pyramid Heads murder Maria is to remind James that he killed Mary; James is in denial, and Maria is a distraction to keep James away from Mary. Through Maria's repeated deaths, Pyramid Head reminds James of Mary's death and causes him to experience guilt and suffering. When James finally accepts what he's done, after Maria is killed the third time, the Pyramid Heads attack him and eventually impale themselves on their own spears because they have finally fulfilled their purpose and duty and are no longer necessary for the remainder of James's journey in Silent Hill.[8]

The Pyramid Heads could also represent the darker part of James's personality. Pyramid Head shows this by committing brutal acts that James may have done or may have thought about doing, such as murder. Ito said that Pyramid Head is "another James".[9]

Historical Society2

It is unknown if James and Mary visited the Historical Society during their vacation.

It is possible that during the initial trip James and Mary took to Silent Hill, James visited the Historical Society and observed the Misty Day painting, and possibly also the Crimson and White Banquet picture seen above. These images may have subsequently remained in his memory and aided the appearance of the manifestation of his desire to be punished as a red-hooded, spear-wielding figure.

However, there is no proof that either of these two images are real and actually exist; they could just be James's hallucinations. There is no proof that James and Mary even visited the Historical Society. It also begs the question as to why a museum would have such a macabre and disturbing painting on display. In The Arcade, the Misty Day painting changes into another picture of Pyramid Head, implying the painting has a supernatural quality to it.

Masahiro Ito stated that the second Pyramid Head represents Maria.[10]

Ito once said, "Pyramid Head is the guardian to keep James being only human, produced by his guilt. The main reason why PH attacks other creatures on his delusion."[11]

Pyramid Head allows James access to previously unreachable areas in two occasions: when he drains the water in the apartment stairwell, and when he pushes James off the roof at Brookhaven and into the special treatment area. This has led to the belief that Pyramid Head's goal (aside from punishing James) is to lead him towards accepting the truth. As the other characters in Silent Hill 2 show a pronounced dualism in their behaviors, so too does James, who is split between his desire to simultaneously suppress the memory of murdering his wife and his subconscious urge to face up to it in order to ultimately move on with his life – as per Mary's wish.


Pyramid Head and a Lying Figure.

Although not confirmed, Pyramid Head, alongside most of the other monsters in Silent Hill 2, may very well be interpreted to be a representation of James's sexual frustration during Mary's illness. Their pyramid helmets are a symbol of being trapped, and the Great Knife and Great Spear can be seen as phallic imagery. Furthermore, on two occasions, he appears to be engaging in acts of rape with various monsters, Mannequins and a Lying Figure; the Mannequins have been confirmed to have sexual symbolism. Pyramid Head's sexual nature is also expressed in Fukuro.

Pyramid Head's mode of searching for James when he hides in the closet in Wood Side Apartments supports that he cannot see with his head covered, possibly alluding to James's denial blinding him from the truth of how Mary died.

Pyramid Head's mask, which obscures his entire head, could represent James being unable to accept that he murdered his wife and his dissociation while performing the act.

Pyramid Head's violent and hostile nature towards every living thing around him could be symbolic of the remorse and self-loathing that James feels subconsciously for murdering Mary, and his tendency to be seen attacking and killing feminine enemies like the Mannequins and Lying Figures could be a reflection of James murdering Mary, with Pyramid Head representing James himself, and the enemies Pyramid Head kills representing Mary.

Silent Hill: The Arcade

Since Pyramid Head is a symbol of retribution, he could be a representation of someone else's guilt (possibly Lorraine/Frank Anderson/Captain) and not the main characters'. Lorraine may feel ashamed for drowning her daughter Hanna; Frank may feel guilty for being unable to save his wife Michelle from being murdered by Scott Fairbanks; and Captain may feel blameworthy for letting the Little Baroness sink and letting the passengers die.

There are various connections between The Arcade and Silent Hill 2. Lorraine gives Hanna a teddy bear, and Mary knows that Laura likes teddy bears. Frank, like James, also has a deceased wife. In Silent Hill 2, a foghorn can be heard, which may be the Little Baroness, and James can find on article on the Little Baroness.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

In Homecoming, the Bogeyman's origins and symbolism aren't quite as explicit since nothing has ever really been confirmed nor denied by Konami or Double Helix. After Silent Hill 2, it seems that Pyramid Head is brought back as the Bogeyman, likely to fulfill another duty with a renewed purpose.

Adam Shepherd

Adam Shepherd

The Bogeyman kills Adam Shepherd.

While serving as Adam's executioner, the Bogeyman may not be a product solely of Adam's mind. As Alex himself has made clear, he isn't fond of his father. It is possible that the Bogeyman serves the dual purpose of repentance/penance (Adam) and judgment/punishment (Alex). The Bogeyman may be Adam's desire for punishment and guilt for treating Alex poorly, and failure to sacrifice Alex in order to save Shepherd's Glen. He may represent Alex's anger at his father instead of Adam's guilt. The "doctor" in Alex's nightmare is actually Adam, making his demise here a prophetic glimpse at his true fate. Alternatively, he may represent the sins of all of the parents in the founding line.

The Bogeyman doesn't appear to be hostile toward Alex. He may even represent Alex himself, similar to how the other sacrificed children have demons representing themselves. This is reinforced by the fact that, just as the other child-demons brutally murdered the parents that sacrificed them (with the exception of Judge Holloway, who escaped her death at the hands of Asphyxia, only due to Alex's intervention), the Bogeyman kills Adam Shepherd. In addition, Alex becomes a Bogeyman in the "Bogeyman" ending if he doesn't forgive Adam.


The Bogeyman's knife.

The creature is reminiscent once again of an executioner, with the blade supporting this image. His helmet, large and imposing, seems to be indicative of a great burden being placed on one's shoulders, or being forced to bear great pain. The Bogeyman's knife itself is a tool of punishment as well as a burden (judging by how the Bogeyman is slowed down by its sheer size and weight, despite his apparent strength). The knife is serrated and resembles an enlarged combat knife, a reference to Adam's military career and Alex's delusions of being a soldier.


The Bogeyman in the child's drawings.

In Joshua Shepherd's drawings, the Bogeyman from Silent Hill is mentioned as a kidnapper of children, especially bad children who misbehave and are selfish. The drawings are indistinct, but several feature a figure with an angular head, possibly based on the executioners of the Order of Valtiel whose practices and ideologies bore Pyramid Head into existence (as Shepherd's Glen's split from the Order and all sacrifices before 2003 occur before any record of Pyramid Head). If so, this would further indicate the fear the town's families held of Silent Hill and its religion despite being forced to continue it.

Relation to Pyramid Head

Whether or not the Bogeyman is equivalent to the Pyramid Heads or related to them has been debated, though there are several hints which imply the Bogeyman to be the same as Pyramid Heads or a possible variation of them:

  • There are visual similarities in the Bogeyman drawings alluding to Silent Hill 2.
  • Mayan Escalante, senior artist of Homecoming, referred to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head in concept art.
  • Coding in the game's files refers to the Bogeyman as Pyramid Head.
  • The BradyGames Homecoming strategy guide refers to him as Pyramid Head.[12]
  • In the Homecoming strategy guide, in the plot synopsis of Silent Hill 2, Bogeyman is used in place of Pyramid Head. For example, "James runs into Maria, who is being tortured by a group of Bogeymans."
  • The Bogeyman figurine on Konami's merchandise was labeled "Red Pyramid Thing".[13]
  • Various interviews with developers have used "Pyramid Head", such as Patrick J. Doody, co-writer of Homecoming.[14][15][16]

Developer Tomm Hulett has said that whether or not the Bogeyman and Pyramid Head are the same is "up to [each] player's interpretation."

Film series

The producers of the film have stated in the making-of features that since the creatures that appear in the Otherworld version of Silent Hill are punished human beings, Red Pyramid is being penalized by having to wear the large, burdensome helmet. Director Christophe Gans has also stated that Red Pyramid's appearance is conjured from a female perspective on male brutality, i.e. Alessa Gillespie's. Gans has also stated that Red Pyramid is a basic metaphor for male violence. Red Pyramid was adapted from the perspective of the female characters (Rose, Cybil, Anna, Alessa, Dahlia, Christabella), and their psyche influence his shape, dress, and physicality.


The painting in the Grand Hotel.

Red Pyramid may be based on a painting Alessa saw in the Grand Hotel just before she was burned alive by the cultists, titled A Procession of Flagellants. It features men in cone-shaped hats and tan robes around their waists.

Another theory to Red Pyramid's origins is that he may be Alessa's incarnation of her "father" - a man unknown to her, wearing a mask that conceals his identity, an authoritative figure punishing those in Silent Hill that had punished her in the past.


Red Pyramid's Creepers symbolize sperm.

During the scene in which he attempts to stab through a door to get to Rose and Cybil, Red Pyramid represents a rapist, with the director stating in the Blu-Ray commentary that Red Pyramid's knife thrusts represent a woman being raped, while the Creepers who pour through the door after each stab represent sperm. This is likely in relation to his location inside Midwich Elementary School at the time of the attack, where Alessa was raped by the school janitor.

For Revelation, writer/director M.J. Bassett has stated that Red Pyramid serves as a "surrogate father" for Sharon/Heather when Harry/Christopher has been kidnapped, filling in for her need for a protective father figure. Like a guardian, Red Pyramid appears twice to protect Heather because she is an incarnation of Alessa Gillespie.


Silent Hill 2 Japanese - Red Pyramid Thing text

James asking Eddie about the "Red Pyramid Thing" in Japanese.

  • The full name Pyramid Head is referred to in most Japanese Silent Hill materials is "Red Pyramid Thing" (written in English). This includes documents such as Lost Memories: Silent Hill Chronicle and various merchandise. However, this name appears to have been coined by Jeremy Blaustein, translator of Silent Hill 2. The original Japanese game script refers to the monster as "赤い三角頭", meaning "Red Triangle Head". "Head" and "Thing" most likely swapped places during localization on the English script.
  • Despite the frequent usage of "Red Pyramid Thing", his name is more often shortened down to "三角頭", meaning "Triangle Head". The wording of "Triangle Head" seems to be related to "三角錐", meaning "Triangular Pyramid" or "Tetrahedron". With that in mind, the most contextually accurate translation of these names would be "Red Pyramid Head" and "Pyramid Head".
Defeating PHs with Great Knife

Defeating PHs with Great Knife.

Defeating Pyramid Heads with a Great Knife.

  • In some versions of Silent Hill 2, James can quickly defeat the Pyramid Heads by using the Great Knife in a corner.
  • Even though Pyramid Head's name is never spoken in Silent Hill 2, James calls them "Pyramid Head" if the player examines their impaled bodies. "Pyramid Head" is also listed in the in-game descriptions for the eggs and Great Knife.

The Gecco statue features a fleshy substance under the helmet, although this isn't the idea Masahiro Ito had in mind.

  • It is unknown if Pyramid Head's metal helmet is really his head, or if there is some sort of face underneath the triangular structure. There are many theories, such as him wearing the face of the one whom he is manifested by, him having a face similar to Valtiel's, or him having a completely blank face. The Gecco statue has the underside of his helmet filled with a tumorous, visceral mass, implying that his head is a large fleshy triangle fused to his helmet, although Ito says this isn't the image he designed.[17] This idea was also contemplated, but dropped, for use in the films. None of these theories have been confirmed by Team Silent, and Masahiro Ito left no comment when asked about it.[18] However, he also commented there is a "head" under the helmet.[19] Ito elaborated that while he never designed or made Pyramid Head's face, he always envisioned someone's "binded head with many frames", and when asked if this someone is James, Ito preferred to leave it to the player's imagination.[20] Ito also apparently designed the inside of the helmet for a new Gecco statue, but nothing has happened yet.[21]
  • Masahiro Ito has stated that he would be opposed to working on a Silent Hill reunion project unless Pyramid Head could be retired, either behind the scenes or by dying in the opening sequence as he was created solely for James's story.[22][23][24] He agreed with Pyramid Head in the first film as it dramatically boosted the popularity of Silent Hill, but not so much in the second film and Homecoming.[25] Ito said that if Pyramid Head was to be used again, he would need some impressive new direction.[26]
  • It is unknown how Pyramid Head can see due to his helmet obscuring all vision. However, when James is hiding in the closet, Pyramid Head puts his fingers in the hole of his helmet and moves his hand around in front of it, possibly a way of "seeing", or at least sensing for something. Another theory is that Pyramid Head uses a form of echolocation, which people believe "draws" an image into a person's mind of their surroundings.
  • In Silent Hill 2, when Pyramid Head attacks as he thrusts his spear, his grunt is identical to James's grunt when he is hit by an enemy.
Silent Hill 2 - James and Pyramid Head are finally friends

Silent Hill 2 - James and Pyramid Head are finally friends

James and Pyramid Head killing a Lying Figure.

  • In Silent Hill 2, if the player positions a Lying Figure in front of Pyramid Head, Pyramid Head will attack it.
  • In an early trailer of Silent Hill 2, James is seen hiding in the laundry room from Pyramid Head as he drags his knife down the hallway. This was later removed in the final game, and the only time James finds Pyramid Head in the Blue Creek Apartments is during the boss fight.[27]
  • The Book of Lost Memories, as well as a painting in the Silent Hill Historical Society, refer to Pyramid Head as "The Judgment", the number 20 of the Major Arcanas in a Tarot Deck, most likely due to his role in the town and its mythology.

The figures on the gallows.

  • Two figures that share a likeness to Pyramid Head holding spears can be found on the prison gallows. They could also represent members of the Valtiel sect, who wore triangle-shaped hoods.
  • Surviving the fight against the two Pyramid Heads in the Silent Hill HD Collection awards the trophy/achievement "I Don't Need You Anymore".
  • Tomm Hulett protested against including Pyramid Head in Homecoming, which apparently upset the rest of the Homecoming developers. Tomm said he "made a big stink", and after this, he was mainly put on the development of Origins. It was only after the previous producer left that Tomm was allowed to continue working on Homecoming.[28] The disagreement over Pyramid Head in Homecoming may be why Pyramid Head is called "the Bogeyman" instead.
  • In the behind the scenes for the film, the actresses explained that the Pyramid Head outfit had no covering on the back, and that the actor's buttocks were exposed. This was done intentionally, although the reason why has never been explained.
  • In the first Silent Hill film, Red Pyramid's look consisted of fully applied prosthetic makeup which took three hours each day to put together. In the sequel, Red Pyramid is a full-body costume that is blended at the actor's wrists, requiring only 25 minutes of preparation for each scene.
  • Roberto Campanella stated that the helmet he wore for the Red Pyramid costume weighed approximately twelve pounds on its own. He could not see in front of him or to the side due to the triangular grates that compose each side of Red Pyramid's helmet. All he actually could see was his feet and anything directly below him.

The original ending of the film featured multiple Red Pyramids killing the cultists.

  • The original climax of the film was very different from the final version. Originally, six Red Pyramids were supposed to rise into the church and slaughter the cultists with various weapons, while one held Dark Alessa and let her dance in the blood of the dying fanatics. The ending was changed due to time constraints caused by the film already having taken too long to shoot by the time the scene was reached.

Cameos in other Konami/PlayStation games

Pyramid Head Kart

Pyramid Head in Krazy Kart Racing.

  • Pyramid Head makes an appearance in the game Krazy Kart Racing published by Konami as a playable character, along with Robbie the Rabbit.

Pyramid Head in New International Track & Field.

  • A chibi Pyramid Head appears as a playable unlockable character in the Nintendo DS title New International Track & Field. To unlock him, the player must obtain bronze in all events in Single Event mode. His design is more reminiscent of the Pyramid Head of Silent Hill 2, though the helmet seems to combine aspects of the original with those of his film counterpart. The game mentions that Pyramid Head was on "a brief but enjoyable killing spree" in Hollywood — a clear reference to the film.
  • Pyramid Head could be purchased as a costume in the now-defunct PlayStation Home. He was available with the Great Knife or without a weapon.
  • Pyramid Head is available in Super Bomberman R.


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