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Rachel Sellan is a Canadian actress who portrayed the Mannequin Girl in Silent Hill: Revelation.


Rachel was born in Ontario, Canada. She went to L'École Secondaire Catholique Jean-Vanier in Welland and took acting courses at Niagara College. Rachel got a call in Spring 2011 from her agent while she was on set for a commercial shoot in Toronto. She was told an audition opened up for the film. She was ecstatic to be given the audition and the part.

Silent Hill: Revelation

The Mannequin Girl is seen completely naked on a slab in the middle of a warehouse in which Heather Mason tries to hide from the monsters of the Otherworld. Before Heather can save her, however, she turns into a mannequin and is later beheaded by the Mannequin Monster which resides in the warehouse. This was Rachel's first big budget movie role.

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